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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Winol 5.0

Week starting 24/10/2011
Monday. Today was a slightly different debrief. Instead of focussing completely on the bulletin we looked at the overall quality of Winol, including the new Radio Station, as well as Winol Life, What's On and Sports Week.

Debrief Notes
What's On - If you have a big piece such as the launch of 'We Need to Talk About Kevin', then you should start 'Whats on' with that piece because it's a 'big deal'. And on a trip to London for filming you should try and get your moneys worth.

'Fair Dealing' - can be used for purposes of review, criticism and comment. Should use fair dealing for the film piece, instead of loads of clips from the film press conference.

Informal pre-scripting - Interview a guest beforehand to try and find out what she might say. 'Pre-interviewing' them will help make them more comfortable and rpepared, as well as you.

Tuesday. As usual we recorded Sports Week at around lunch time. Today I was controlling the auto-cue, which started with needing to convert the script into a file that would open on the auto-cue laptop.
Also today we had an extra task. Ewan wanted to record a piece in the studio for his 'Winol Games' feature. Again I was helping with the auto-cue aswell as monitoring the sound when we were setting up the microphones.

Wednesday. Today began by setting up the gallery so it was ready for the days recordings. This meant switching everything on, and setting up equipment such as the auto-cue and checking the lights.
Myself and George set up the tricaster ready for the broadcast. You can see a guide to setting up the tricaster(as well as the OB kit) here on Dom's blog.
One of my jobs for today was to make all of the straplines for this weeks packages. This week the straps were fairly straight forward, apart from a few late additions, including one strapline that I needed to sort out within half an hour of going live. It turned out I had already made the strap but Uldduz had forgotten and was on a different machine, so I simply had to uploaded to to the mac she wa snow on, and place it on the package for her which only took a few minutes.
For this week's Winol I was working on sound, a job which I quite enjoy. It's a lot about finding the right balance in volume as well as timing it so that you hear the packages at the right time and also the presenters. It becomes a bit more tricky when it comes to oovs, because some have soundbites from interviews which need the volume high at the right moment. Also, while some oovs have no sound, some have ambient sound such as football matches in sport oovs. This means you can hear some cheering from the crowd whilst the presenter reads what has happened.

I felt the overall quality of this week's news stories was a bit weak, but it might have just been a slow news week. We were still able to provide a good amount of stories, and George's first time as director wen't fairly smoothly other than a VT that wouldn't work when we were live, and we were left in a bit of an awkward situation. But we overcame it, and simply dropped that piece for the uploaded bulletin.
Once again we learnt a lot from our mistakes this week and will continue to improve and provide top quality bulletins.

- Need good pictures.
- Your best picture should be at the very start of your piece.
- In production, if you reach a problem while live, you should just role with it.
- Avoid lazy wording, remember 'Fresh Fish Sold Here'.
- In TV and Radio it's very important to constantly keep your audience's interest.
- A newsbelt could be used in the future, this features all of the best quotes from the bulletin. This would encourage reporters to find better soundbites.
- Make sure thier are no black holes in packages or headlines.
- Remember subject verb agreement :-
Singular = is
Plural = are

This Week's Bulletin (26/10/2011)


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