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Friday, 28 September 2012

Council Meetings

Winchester City Council Meetings 2012
27th September 7:00pm
Standards Committee
1st October 6:15pm
3rd October 10:00am
The Overview and Scrutiny Committee
8th October 6:30pm
Licensing and Regulation Committee
11th October 6:30pm
Planning Development Control Committee
18th October 9:30am
Cabinet (Housing Delivery) Committee
22nd October 2012 10:00am
7th November 7:00pm

14th November 10:00am
The Overview and Scrutiny Committee
19th November 6:30pm
Cabinet (Housing) Committee
21st November 10:00am
Winchester Town Forum
21st November 6:30pm
Personnel Committee
26th November 6:30pm
EHDC/WCC Joint Environmental Services Committee
28th November 2:30pm
Licensing and Regulation Committee
29th November 6:30pm
Standards Committee
3rd December 6:15pm
Audit Committee
4th December 6:30pm
5th December 10:00am
The Overview and Scrutiny Committee
10th December 06:30pm
Planning Development Control Committee
13th December 09:30am

Hampshire County Council Meetings
Executive Member for Culture and Recreation
27th September 2012 02:00pm
Audit Committee
27th September 2:15pm
Children and Families Advisory Panel
1st October 2012 1:30pm
Education Advisory Panel
1st October 2012 09:15am
Buildings, Land and Procurement Panel
2nd October 2012 10:00am
Executive Member for Adult Social Care
26th October 02:00pm
Executive Member for Environment and Transport
6th November 02:00pm

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Summer Work Experience

Over the summer I was lucky enough to get 3 work experience placements. MSN, Computer Active and PCPro.

All 3 taught me very different things about the world of journalism, and I left each one feeling as though it's helped me to become a better journalist.

I spent some time at MSN, and earnt alot about CMS, which I've learnt is used by a number of news websites for managing and publishing their content. I used their system (called Blackboard) to format and publish content onto the news website, which included adding SEO keywords.

I also wrote a few news pieces and features, including a piece on the new technology that was introduced in the London 2012 Olympics. I learnt about the importance of house style, as MSN had a specific way of referring to different aspects of the games.

I also created a few gallery pieces that contain a number of pictures with a couple of pars written underneath.

Computer Active
I spent two weeks at Computer Active working for the news team. I wrote a number of news pieces based on press releases, twitter trends, and reports from other news sources. During my time there I had to contact press offices, sources and professional figures for quotes and phone interviews.

I wrote a few pieces for an issue of the magazine, and also sat in on news meetings and a meeting to discuss what images would be used for the news section of the magazine and how it would be structured.

At PC Pro I produced news stories, which were sometimes more challenging because of the magazines target audience. They are very aware of the products they are reading about, so the news stories required a lot of research and re-writing to get them right for the target audience.

Here are some of the pieces that I wrote on my work experience placements.

Computer Active