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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Winol 4.0

Week starting 19/10/2011
Monday started with the usual debrief of last weeks bulletin.

Debrief Notes
- A good way to start a package can be with natural sound.
- Using a prop for a piece to camera can be a good idea(and can help you feel more relaxed with something to do with your hands) but you should be holding something thats relevant to what your talking about.
- To make your piece to camera easier you should just focus on 3 key points, it it then easier to remember and say.
- If you use a still (picture) in a package you should give it movement(such as a zoom or pan from left to right)

Facts = Your Voice
Comment = Thier Voice

We then had our production meeting to assign roles and organise what we'll be doing. This week will be a busy one, as we are going to film Winol, Winol Sports as well as Winol Life.

Tuesday started off with a 9am start as we prepared the studio for recording Winol Life. The day started with us carrying sofas across the uni into the studio. Then we needed to start setting up all the equipment. Unfortunately, it became one of them days where nearly all of the technology goes wrong. We had problems with sound(such as the microphones not working properly) and needed to use boom mics to pick up some of the sound. I worked on the auto-cue, but as the presenters were in a more casual broadcast, they were able to glance down at their scripts to remember the questions to ask. The only time the auto-cue was essential was when the presenters faced the camera at the start and finish, as well as leading into the start of a package.
We also had a guest for Winol Life - Sarah Crawford.

In the afternoon, we needed to record the links for Sports Week. As well as this, the sports team had arranged for a guest to come into the studio for an interview. It was the player/coach of the Basingstoke Bison - Steve Moria.
For this part I was on the video mixer which meant changing the camera angles throughout the interview to get different perspectives and give the interview more of a flow.

Wednesday was (as usual) a busy day. Without a guest editor this week, we needed to be prepared for a few twists and turns along the way towards this weeks bulletin. One of my key jobs this week was to collect both the headline clips and the finished packages, as well as helping out wherever else I could.
We had a brief production meeting at 9:30 to check with roles and make sure we all knew what we would be doing.
This week Julie managed to get a 'Winol Exclusive' by using the Freedom of Information act. For this package, we needed to pre record her doing a piece to camera with a graphic in the background to highlight her points.

This week's (week 4) broadcast


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