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Law for Journalists

A collection of notes from my Journalism Law lectures. It covers what laws you need to be aware of as a journalist in order to avoid court cases for offences such as libel, copyright and confidentiality.

An Introduction to Essential Law for Journalists
I look why law is so important for journalists to know if they want to protect themselves from getting into trouble, and to ensure they make good quality journalism.
I also take a quick look at defamation and the difference between Criminal and Civil law.

Defamation and my visit to Winchester Courts
I explain defamation, which includes a brief look at libel and privilege. I also look at whether you can record court events, and also tell you about my first trip to Winchester Courts.

Copyright Law
Guest Lecturer (and the former 'Head of Copyright' at the BBC) came to Winchester University, and explained some important aspects of Copyright

Qualified Privilege
I look at how journalists benefit from Qualified Pirvilege, and explain how you can avoid a libel case. I also go through 'Reynolds 10 point test'.

This blog provides an in-depth look at confidentiality and how it can sometimes be the difference between a good and bad journalist. This blog also looks at Section 8 of the Human Rights Act, injunctions, consent, and i explore a few example cases.

Copyright Law Part 2
A more in-depth look at Copyright, which also includes how a journalists work is protected. Also looked at in this blog is intellectual property, royalty and fair dealing.

Investigative Journalism
Notes on investigative journalism, including example cases. I also look at subterfuge, and the evidence gap.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOI)
The Freedom of Information Act enables journalists to request (and receive) certain information and data from the public sector. I look at how you can use the FOI to your advantage to get news stories.

NUJ Code of Conduct
A brief look at 4 different codes of conduct that a journalist could be expected to follow. In this blog I
particularly focus on NUJ (National Union of Journalists).