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I have covered a number of social media stories, as well as commenting with my thoughts and opinions on how online media has affected journalism. Here is an archive of my related posts.

The Power of Twitter - Part 2
Twitter continues to grow not just as a social network where you can speak to friends and colleagues, but as a global phenomenon where people from across the world can connect and discuss issues that affect us all. Read more...
Google+ Opens To The Public
After on and a half months of closed testing, Google+, the latest in social networking, has become available for public use.
It is working towards creating the most intimate social network available, showing similarities to websites such as Twitter and Facebook but a more diverse version. Read more...
Ican transforms Web Domains - Could we soon see .google or .bbc?
Web addresses will change forever, after a vote by Icann (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which will allow any word to be used as a domain.
The current amount of global domain endings is 22, these include the common .org and .com. However, from next year, it will be possible to register new domain suffixes. Read more...
Facebooks controversial face recognition feature goes global
Facebook has now globally released a new 'Face Suggestion' feature which scans new photos and suggests people that should be 'tagged' based on facial recognition.
The new technology has been active in the US since late last year, but has only recently been used across the world. Read more...
Twitter Libel Case - The Latest
Twitter have been ordered to provide the details of five British users that have been accused of libel on the soial networking website. Read more...
Twitpics - Citizen Journalism in Photo Form
As a big fan (and user) of Twitter, I see a lot of pictures posted through 'twitpic', this a website that allows twitter users to post pictures, and then link their followers to them in their tweets. It's basically Twitter's answer to facebooks 'picture feature'. Read more...
Wiki Boss speaks out against Injunctions
Jimmy Wales (The founder of Wikipedia) has suggested that injunctions and super injunctions are a ‘human rights violation’. Read more...
Fact Mongering Online - New Media Reporting
I have started reading a book edited together by Julia Hobsbawm (Britain's first professor of Public Relations at the London College of Communication). The book contains a number of 'wide-ranging and thought-provoking essays' and explores various issues involving journalists and new media. I hope to keep you up to date on my thoughts regarding the opinions and observations expressed in this book.
Journalists on Twitter
A number of Journalists now use twitter, it has become a great way of releasing stories as well as discovering stories. Through things like hashtags(#) and 'trending topics' it can be easy to locate opinions on certain topics and news stories.Thier are a number of top journalists and bloggers from a number of newspapers, news broadcasters and more on Twitter. Read more...
The Power of Twitter - Part 1
I recently made a post regarding Facebook, and a comment made that if it was a country, it would be the third biggest one in the world. And it got me thinking as too how it might work out if Facebook really did become a country. Read more...
The Power of Facebook - Part 1
Last month I asked my followers to tweet my some random facts. One that really caught my attention came from @TomCallan. He said that 'if Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd biggest in the world.' Read more...
ICorrect - Journalists Beware!
This has lead to a number of celebrities signing onto the website to correct claims that they feel were unjustified. However, if you wanted to join this website, you would be joining what seem's to be becoming a special 'ICorrect club'. For an individual it costs $1,000 a year, and $5,000 a year for a business.You must also provide a reference eiter from an existing ICorrect member or 'A lawyer or representative who can vouch for your identity'. Read more...
Twitter Libel Case - 'twibel'?
I'm a big twitter fan, i have over 5,000 tweets and am nearing 200 followers. I use it practically everyday, and don't pay too much attention to what i write, it's normally just me going on about everyday life. But it seem's i'll need to start being a lot more careful. Read more...
Media Reinventing Journalism
It's become increasing clear that digital media has enabled citizen journalism to become more and more popular. Guardian journalist Emily Bell, wrote a very interesting piece on the 25th February regarding the new connections between the press and the public. She states that the relationship is 'taking on a different, but perhaps even more radical shape than that which we imagined a decade ago'. Read more...