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Law News

I've occasionally spotted law cases, and changes to media law. Here are some that I have blogged about.

Twitter Libel Case - The Latest
Twitter have been ordered to provide the details of five British users that have been accused of libel on the soial networking website. Read more...
Ryan Giggs Named by MP
Ryan Giggs was yesterday named as the Premier League footballer who took out a super-injunction preventing any publication that would reveal he had an affair with BB star Imogen Thomas. Read more...
EPL Footballer Injunction Still Stands
The Sun lost another attempt to name the premier league footballer linked to an affair with Imogen Thomas. Read more...
Twitpics - Citizen Journalism in Photo Form
As a big fan (and user) of Twitter, I see a lot of pictures posted through 'twitpic', this a website that allows twitter users to post pictures, and then link their followers to them in their tweets. It's basically Twitter's answer to facebooks 'picture feature'. Read more...
Wiki Boss speaks out against injunctions
Jimmy Wales (The founder of Wikipedia) has suggested that injunctions and super injunctions are a ‘human rights violation’. Read more...
ICorrect - Journalists Beware!
A new website has been set up by Sir David Tang called ICorrect.
This has lead to a number of celebrities signing onto the website to correct claims that they feel were unjustified. However, if you wanted to join this website, you would be joining what seem's to be becoming a special 'ICorrect club'. Read more...
Twitter Libel Case - 'twibel'?
I'm a big twitter fan, i have over 5,000 tweets and am nearing 200 followers. I use it practically everyday, and don't pay too much attention to what i write, it's normally just me going on about everyday life. But it seem's i'll need to start being a lot more careful. Read more...
Beckham Lawsuit Dismissed
A $25 Million lawsuit involving a publication about David Beckham has been dismissed. Read more...
Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Libel Payout - The Daily Express
In The Daily Express they have reported that Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo ‘has accepted substantial undisclosed libel damages over a claim that he put his injured ankle at risk by “living it up” in a hollywood nightclub. Read more...
Super-injunctions over?!?!
In todays(6/11/10) edition of The Sun, they reported a story of Arsene Wenger supposedly having a 2 year affair behind his wife's back. However, while reading through the 2 poage report, i noticed a small story in the corner headlined 'Sun win as judge lifts gag'. Read more...