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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Winol 3.0

Week starting 10/10/2011
Monday started off with just reading the papers and online news as we prepared for the 10 O'Clock debrief regarding last week's news bulletin.

Debriefing Notes

For website write ups-Write headline that fits layout.
- Try to make a person the 'who' in your top line.
- Always remember(the method) who, what, where and when. - A 'simple summary intro'.

News Story Layout (Basics)
Paragraph 1 - Who, What, Where, When
Paragraph 2 - Why
Paragraph 3 - Quote
Paragraph 4 -Detail (Not always though)
Paragraph 5 - But (Balance)

Bulletin Debrief

- Fair dealing = you can use footage for something for a few seconds in circumstances such as reviews or comment etc, but should only be used within reason.
- Don't be too technical/expert in what you say. Assume no knowledge.

Keep the fact and comment seperate
- Journalist = Facts
- Interviewees = Comment
- You need 'Fact Fear' - check, double check and triple check. Make sure its correct before using it, if your not sure, just get rid of it.
You can also use phrases like 'they claim' to be safe if necessary.

Source Protection
Never use a blind source unless you really have to.
Even so, if you offer them protection, you need to remember that thier is nothing to defer them from lying. Source protection should only really be used if in extreme cases such as protecting the source from violence, it shouldnt usually be used to preotect someone from being fired.

If you agree to protect the person, you must protect them to the grave, and should be prepared to go to jail.

'Off the record' interview = waste of time. It should only be used as a journalistic technique so they brief you regarding the story, and sometimes to try and convince them to go on the record with a certain comment.

Tuesday. Today we started off by trying to learn how to set up the OB (using the OB kit) in Tab9. Thier were a lot of wires, but i tried to take down rough notes of the layout out to try and remember it all ready for tommorow when myself and the rest of the production team will try to set it up ourselves. It was a very complex set up, and we required a technician to help with a few minor pieces such as setting up the microphone so it would work, it turned out it wasn't connected correctly and needed an extra wire which was in the box.

After we had finished packing away the OB kit, it was time to prepare for filming the links for Sports Week. My job in the gallery for this week is to control the auto-cue, this also includes typing up the scripts for both Sports Week and Winol. A times the auto-cue can be a frustrating piece of equipment, the laptop occasionally struggles to work, and the autocue software sometimes decides not the to work. Other than that, its not too much of a problem, aslong as the text is a good size and it is travelling at a comfortable speed for the presenter. Even though they should have scripts with them incase the autocue fails when live, it is obviously a lot more helpful and comfortable for the presenter to have the autocue in front of them. It also helps the broadcast to come across more professional instead of having the presenter constantly look down at a piece of paper to know what they're saying.

Also, the person I was helping this week was Tom Morgan. We travelled to Southampton University to film interviews and other footage for his news story on the lecturer strikes. To get a balanced story he interviewed both the UCU and the students union so that he could get both opinions.

Wednesday was as usual a busy day. It started by opening the gallery and switching on all of the equipment. This week I was assigned to collect the straps and make them ready to go on the packages. Thier weren't too many issues this week in collecting the names and positions of the interviewees. After introducing a new logo last week, we continued to tweak the stap design. This time I added a line to seperate the name of the person and thier role/position.

New Winol Strapline
This week we also included straps in the headlines.

This week we had a guest editor - Rachel Canter from BBC South Today TV.

- The headlines in the broadcast need to be punchier, the language needs to be tightened.
Should start off overboard(tabloid) and then slowly bring it down to a good level

There should be more people in the oov's, instead of just buildings etc.

- Favouring - this is a technique where you move the gun mic towards yourself when asking a question if you want that to be included in the package. Otherwise if you include yourself speaking, it sounds too distant and can be hard to hear.

- Don't use phrases such as 'only time will tell' or 'it remains to be seen' when your signing off at the end of a package, it seems lazy.

- Make sure you're at the same level as the person you are interviewing.

- If you are going to have 3 oov's in a row, you should have them flowing simultaneously with a transition such as a white flash between each one. We are going to now try and have a 'news in brief' every week.

- Can simply end the broadcast wiht something like 'that's all'

This weeks(week 3) Broadcast


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