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Thursday, 14 October 2010

This Week's Winol

I've just finished watching the latest live Winol Bulletin. First looking at the stories that were given, I found the majority of them relevant to their target audience. Particularly those focussing around student life such as the international students struggling to get into certain bars and clubs, as well as the potential removal of tuition fee caps. Also the story about the Queen could generate some interest as she was not too far from our location. Although I feel the minimal coverage meant that it wasn't a particularly interesting story and not much information was supplied.

I felt that the two presenters worked well together, however I felt there was an issue with breathing right after a news story had finished. Once it cut to a presenter they would take a loud breath before speaking which I felt looked slightly unprofessional, and made it appear as if they weren't prepared for it.

I liked the various shots; I felt that they were changed frequently enough to maintain an audience’s attention as they didn't remain on one shot for too long. Although, the names of those speaking, and those being interviewed were shown on screen for a very brief amount of time for the majority of the broadcast. If it was lengthened slightly the audience could feel more relaxed and take more time in reading the names whilst still being able to listen to the news feature.
I also liked the effect used in one of the stories when they started with the image blurred and went into focus. This technique captured my attention and kept me focused. As well as this, there were good low angle shots (such as the cars driving by) and also good coverage of the sports such as the goals as the camera got a good view of the action and was very steady.
The voices were good altogether. They were calm, clear and sounded professional.

Overall, I felt it was a good broadcast and kept me interested throughout, whilst a few alterations could be made to improve the general quality, I found it an interesting viewing, and look forward to more.


You've raised some good issues - and you obviously have an eye for detail. I'm glad to see that you're watching news as a journalist would - considering camera shots, voice tracks etc. Maybe next time push this a bit further and consider news angles, treatment etc.

That technique is called a pull-focus - Brian is mad keen on them and they are very easy to do and give a big impact. Brian will show you how to do that when you start using the cameras. Meanwhile the pull focus shot is an easy an effective way to add instant class to your camerawork and avoid the old amateur camcorder holiday snapshot of the slow pan over the lovely scenery. My own visual thing with camerawork is alwasy to avoid the centred shot - symetry is boring - and also to avoid mid-range shots if possible. Alwasy get in as close as you can on the faces, otherwise do a very wide shot with a pull focus for energy and drama.

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