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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Winol 2.0

Week starting 03/10/2011
Monday's debriefing was a great way to pick up more advice on how to improve video packages and a news broadcast as a whole.

It began by looking at the UK Today pilot that can be found here. We spoke about using a 'brief exposition' which is when you explain what people think during your package. If this is used, it is best to place it at the end of your piece, and definately not at the start. Generally, things aren't explained in too much detail on tv, it is usually only in written form. This is mainly because of the target audience that television normally has.

Chris Horrie also spoke about pieces to camera, and how to come across as more comfortable and confident. One technique is to walk around during the piece, usually towards the camera, or along the camera with it panning with you. This also helps to solve the problem of what to do with your hands. You should use your hands to add emphasis to what your saying, this prevents them from being in your pockets or just keeping them at your sides. Another way to avoid this problem is to have something in your hand, such as a piece of paper or an item that refers to your news story. That way you can point to it, or simply show it to the camera while you're talking.

Some Debrief Notes

If you use a categorical fact, you must:-
a) Check it
b) Have a soruce for it.
You should either check these facts or simply leave them out. A categorical fact without a source is just an opinion.

- You need a 'balance' in stories, which means getting an opinion from both sides.
- Whenever the public sector is spending money on something, there will always be people viewing it as a 'waste of money'.
- You should avoid doing too much expo(exposition).
- Don't forget who, what, where, when. (and why for 'second paragraphs').

On Tuesday we recorded the links for the first Sports Week of the new academic year. At 9am, I arrived and we had to set up the gallery and prepare it for sports week and a special morning recording. This meant making sure everything was switched on and working fine. I also had to set up the auto cue so it was ready for the sports week links that we would be recording.
While sitting in the gallery, I had some time to briefly read a guide to the different things in the gallery and it explains how to set them up. I can see this being useful in the upcoming weeks when i'm asked to set up other pieces equipment, it became a useful guide when I was working out what to plug in and switch on first when i was setting up the auto cue.

For this week, I was working on the auto cue which required me to type up the script. And adjusting the speed and size of the font. At first the font was too big, and meant that the presenter couldn't view enough text at the right speed. However, after some adjusting, we soon found a good size (being size 18 Arial font). After this, the speed and amount of text on display was able to keep the speaking at a good, comfortable pace.

Today I also helped Ali Al-Jamri with recording for his news package for this week. His story was about a cut in buses around Winchester, with buses no longer available after 9:30pm. At around 1 O'Clock, we went around town in Winchester to film some buses, particularly the number 1 which is the main bus involved in the story. After walking around getting a number of shots, we returned back to Tab at the university to prepare for an interview he had arranged for 4pm to interview a councillor about the story. We went outside to the place he wanted the interview, and began setting up the camera. This involved finding the right spot to film, checking the white balance, the iris and also the sound from the microphone. Ali then went to meet the councillor, but unfortunately he didn't arrive and the interview had to be postponed until Wednesday morning. At that point we were left with very little options for the day.

Wednesday was a very busy and stressful day. It began quite calm. I arrived at around 9:00am and as I stepped through the door Ali asked me if i could help him film his interview with the councillor that had been moved to today. We then set off to the spot where he wanted to film, and i put together the camera, tripod and microphone while he went to meet him. We managed to film the interview without much trouble, other than a lawn mower making some noise at one point in the interview which meant we had to wait a few moments for it to pass.

After the interview I returned back to Tab9 where i started to help wit the production side of things, this included helping some people with editing. Also, we were assigned to create the straplines for this week's packages. We had made a number of them, before being told that we now had a new logo, and that the straplines would need to be re-done. This put us a little behind schedule, but fortunately, it didn't seem to greatly effect the pace of the day as we were making the staplines early enough in the day.

We soon had to collect the packages so that we could transfer them to the gallery, woever, thier was some waiting around whilst some reporters finished editing thier pieces and rendering them so they were ready. While we were waiting, we did some sub editing on articles we had been given. I've discovered that sub editing can be a lot more stressful and difficult than i originally though. Many of the pieces we have been handed so far, have needed quite big changes made to them, such as the opening and finishing lines, and in some cases whole paragrpahs he had to be changed or removed. If some of the articles that I have seen went up on the website without being looked over first, the quality simply wouldn't be good enough, and in some cases could encounter other issues. I now see why a sub editor is so important in ensuring the quality and 'safety' of published work.

The gallery was very messy this week, I'm still not certain what the main cause was for this. It could have been bad organisation, bad communication or simply bad luck with the technology. None-the-less we didn't go out at 3 like we should have, and all i feel i can blame for that is bad preperation which meant that we didn't fit in any rehearsal time when we should have. Rehearsals are meant to begin at 2pm, and yet we didn't evncome close to one until around 2:45pm.

Friday. Myself and the other sub editors were called in today to look over the news reporters written copies for thier news stories. We had to make sure they were sutiable to publish. This meant using Joomla to edit and publish the stories, and set them to the house style.


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