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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Light News

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple Chief Executive

Steve Jobs, considered the face of Apple for many years, has stepped down as CEO after being on medical leave since January 2011.

Steve Jobs, 56, will now take the role of Chairman, with some belief that it is to try keep confidence amongst shareholders. However, shares in the company still dropped by around 5% within hours of the announcement.

Replacing Steve Jobs role as Chief Executive will be Tim Cook, who has been with the company since

Apple Inc. was co-founded by Steven Jobs in 1976
Oxford Dictionary Turns 100
Twitter fans will be happy to see the word 'retweet' has now en added to the Oxford Dictionary.

The definition -
verb[with object]
(on the social networking service Twitter) repost or forward (a message posted by another user):

Also the word 'Friend' will now include a new definition which is 'someone you regularly interact with online'.

Over 400 new words are featured in the 2011 edition of the Dictionary that turns 100 years old this

Robot Tweets From Space

A robot designed to assist Humans out in space, has been tweeting from the International Space Station.

In one tweet, the robot, named R2, admitted that it's creators help with tweeting.

A number of R2's 42,000 folowers have recieved responses to questions that they have tweeted and the robot is continuing to document the various events around him.

You can follow R2 on  Twitter by going here - @AstroRobonaut

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

09/08/2011 London Riots - Live Updates

Thank you for joining me in this live blog and for contributing information and images. Unfortunatly, i'm unable to continue this blog throughout the evening, but to read future blogs, and to find out about future live blog posts, you can follow this blog(if you have a google account), follow me on twitter, or subscribe to my RSS feed by entering your email address into the box on the left.
Thank you once again, and if your in any area that is currently the target of riots and looting - stay safe.
I will be directing people to other sources for riot information on my Twitter during the next 15 minutes.

18:55 - Greater Manchester is now experiencing riots.
18:44 - A number of roads closed off in West Bromwich and cars have been set on fire.

18:37 - Several shops in West Bromwich have had windows smashed.

18:34 - Reported disorder in Wolverhampton City Centre.

18:32 - Reports of shops being looted in Salford.

18:29 - Rebekah Hanbury has submitted the following images of Wimbledon Centre Court being boarded up. -

18:26 - Thier seems to currently be a conrontation between police and rioters in West Bromwich

18:23 -An image of the damage done in Reeves Corner -

18:20 - Wimbledon seems very well protected, and thier are still no signs of riots in the area.

18:14 - Kary Yeung has submitted this image showing a number of police officers outside east croydon station. -

18:09 - @itstwittAR has this image of Croydon today after the devestating riots last night.

18:04 - Similar riot vans are being spotted across London, it seems that officers are doing thier best to ensure a safer night than yesterday

18:02 - The vehicles seem to be convoys, similar to those used in Croydon last night, Met Police felt that the use of them were fairly successful.

17:57 - Many police vans have been seen driving through Croydon. Hope to bring you pictures shortly.

17:44 - News of riots has gone quiet right now, however trouble in Wimbledon Village is expected to slowly move over to Wimbledon.

17:31 - Still reports of minor damage in Wimbledon Village, but still no major concerns or news of riots starting up so far.

17:28 - Hannah Shakir (www.bbmlive.com) has submitted the following from Kingston showing thier shopping centre closed amid fears of riots.

17:25 - For those with travel concerns in London, I advise you to look at @BBCTravelAlert as they are providing constant updates. Alternatively you can tune into 94.9 which is giving updates every 15 minutes.

17:21 - Nick Olynyk (www.nickolynyk.com) has submitted this photo of more boarded up shops in Wimbledon, the whole areas seems very prepared for riots.

17:17 - If you have anything to contribute or want to express your opinions, either tweet me or comment in the comment box below.

17:14 - While police have been expecting riots to start in Wimbledon at around 5pm, thier still remains no major signs of distrubance, however people remain advised to stay alert as riots still expected before 6pm.

17:09 - An image of people looting a Poundland store.

17:06 - Ali Smith has submitted the following picture of a police van patrolling in Wimbledon -

17:03 - @riotcleanup have tweeted the following - ' Brixton Clean-Up organised for 6.30pm tonight, meet at the Ritzy'

17:01 - It is believed that police expect rioting around Wimbledon to begin soon, and are still instructing the public to head home and or stores to close.

16:59 - Wimbledon Centre Court is being boarded up and guarded by police as they prepare for the worst. Image submitted by @candinski

16:57 - Just a reminder that tommorows England game has been cancelled, those with tickets are able to get a full refund.
Also some Carling Cup fixtures have been postponed.

16:55 - 563 arrests and 10 people charged involved with the London riots say Scotland Yard

16:54 - Workplaces in Mitcham are shutting early and a number of police surround the area.

16:52 - Staff in Sainsburys, Morden, have been warned to close early with fears that rioters will strike.

16:49 - Trains are still running on time at Waterloo through tp Clapham, Earlsfield, Wimbledon and towards Epsom

16:47 - A correction, the image shown below is a smashed window from last night.

16:43 - Still no riots in Wimbledon, but many people expecting them between 5pm and 6pm.

16:41 - Shops are also closing across Sutton.

16:36 - Wimbledon Village has been closed off in some areas because of riots.

16:31 - Another image submitted by Tom Cooper-Smith of a smashed window from last night.

16:29 - Wandsworth and Epsom are also closing stores as the ear of riots continues to spread. till no confirmation as to whether riots in Wimbledon have started.

16:25 Stores such as Pizza Hut have confirmed the early closure of thier shops in areas Central Birmingham, West Croydon,Wimbledon and Croydon.

16:22 - Thier is now talk in Wimbledon that riots are indeed starting in Wimbledon. Although, cannot confirm at this stage.

16:17 - If you have any new information or images you would like to share about riots in any area, then you can contact me either in the comment section below, on my twitter, or by emailing me (my email is in the contact me section).

16:13 - Another image of Wimbledon, this time showing the gates of one entrance into Centre Court shopping centre shut. (Submitted by @missparmnar)

16:09 - A clothes shop (Matches) in Wimbledon Village has had its windows smashed.
This image was posted on Twitter by Tom Cooper-Smith.

16:03 - Yet more people are being evacuated from offices and stores as police prepare for rioting.

16:00 - Tonight London will be filled with 5 times the normal amount of police officers.

15:58 - Talk is spreading that riots will likely start in Wimbledon between 5pm and 6pm today.

15:55- Still quite calm, with Wimbledon getting a lot of focus right now, as many people still await riots.

15:44 - Along with Wimbledon, i've been getting reports that Kingston is also closing shops early. It seems these areas are being looked at as the next targets.

15:41 - Another picture from Rob Watkins, showing a boarded up store in Wimbledon -

15:39 - The following picture of Wimbledon was submitted by Rob Watkins -
It reads - 'Dear Customers, The centre is now closed until further notice'.
This is at 'Centre Court' - The Wimbledon shopping Centre.

15:36 - Still rumours that riots are about to start in Wimbledon, however, the situation is being taken very seriously as many shops close early and people are being instructed to go home.

15:32 - Just a reminder that (as i mentioned in my earlier blog) David Cameron has announced that around 1600 police officers will be on duty today.

15:29 - Urges continue for parents to ensure children are kept home this evening.

15:25 - Despite some rumours, Wimbledon Station remains open, and currently have no plans to close early. Will keep you updated.

15:20 - A number of 'gangs' are currently in Wimbledon, simply waiting.

15:15 - Police seem to be preparing for riots in Wimbledon.(sent by ITV news editor - Rachel Defriez)

UK Riots - The Latest

Stores Across London Shutting Down Early Amid Fears of More Riots
Last night not only London, but other areas such as Birmingham and even Liverpool became victim to riots and looting throughout the night. More than 525 people have been arrested relating to these evens over the last 3 days, including more than 200 last night.

This picture was posted on my live feed last night, but was removed after doubts arose as to its validity, but this does seem to be an image taken from last nights chaos in Surrey Street, Croydon.

David Cameron has visited the London Road area that was targeted in Croydon last night, following the cobra meeting that he chaired at 9am this morning.

More riots are expected this evening, with areas such as Wimbledon and Kingston being possible targets. The met police have said that they will consider use of plastic bullets, but are reluctant, and will not yet make a definitive decision. Although, it does seem that the option of using the army will not be taken.

One video has been ciruclating the web, and has recieved over a million views, showing a brave woman in Hackney, shouting and confronting the looters. It can be viewed here (Contains some strong language).

A number of people in the effected areas have been trying to restore some order by volunteering to sweep up and clean up the mess left behind after the riots. Something that London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has described as 'the real spirit of London'. A Twitter account - @cleanuplondon has been set up to unite people in cleaning up and providing the latest information of where people can go to help, and also to thank those that have helped. They are currently tidying the Clapham Junction area.
The riots have mainly been blamed on the 'youths', however the @cleanuplondon has been set up by some young members of london, and many young people are helping to tidy london.

Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson tweeted an image this afternoon ofwhat seems to be hundreds of londoners ready to clean up the damage that was done last night. -

A number of people have been showing pictures of thier areas and the damage that has occured.
Andre Barrett tweeted the following footage of damage in Colliers Wood, an area that hasn't recieved too much media coverage so far. -

Sources have confirmed that any met police holidays are currently on hold until atleast next weekend. Most police officers will be looking at 15 hour shifts today as they continue to fight off the rioters.
The Prime Minister has said that around 16,000 police will be deployed around London today.

Monday, 8 August 2011

08/08/2011 UK Riot Reports

Thank you to those that have joined in with this evenings Live blog and that have kept me informed of what has been happening in your areas. For more news and updates you can follow my two twitter accounts @danielmackrell and @mackingnews.
Would also like to thank the police for all the work not just this evening, but for the previous two evenings as well.

01:34 - Thank you for joining me throughout tonights events, i will be posting a full blog of analysis and fresh updates tommorow.
01:23 - Buildings in North Croydon remain on fire as firefighters continue to tackle the blazes.
01:19 - West Midlands police have said that 87 people have been arrested in connection with the riots.

01:12 - Bristol is reportedly another area experiencing riots.

01:08 - It seems a number of vehicles have been set alight s ell as some other criminal damage in Liverpool.

01:05 - All London football clubs have been asked too call off  matches.

01:02 - Some claims that rioting has now begun in Liverpool, although far from confirmed.

00:55 - Around 1,700 extra officers have been deployed overnight

00:53 - Sky News Reporter Mark Stone tweeted the following picture of the Party Superstore that has been on fire in Clapham. -

00:49 - Large Sony Warehouse in Enfield now on fire.

00:47 - An unmanned Police Station in Brmingham, Holyhead Road Hansworth is now on fire.

00:40 - Homes are also being targeted, with empty bottles being thrown at windows.

00:30 - Police have told some residents in Clapham that they need to evacuate.

00:23 - Smoke coming out of Party superstore, fire officer seem to be trying to access the higher stories of the building according to Sangita Myska. As far as officers are aware, residents around the superstore have been evacuated, but cannot yet be confirmed.

00:21 - At Clapham, the party store has had helium placed at the building, and rioters have taken masks from the shop to cover thier faces accoding to Sangita Myska in Clapham.

00:18 - Scotland Yard have said that 225 people ahae been arrested, and 36 people have been charged.

00:15 - Thier have been many reports throughout tonight of low police presense in certain areas, as well as a number of people stating that police have been outnumbered on some occasions.

00:10 - Carphone Warehouse in Clapham Junction is now on fire.

00:07 - Reports of hundreds of youths looting Woolwich shops.

00:02 - Flames have now reached the 2nd storey of the building.

23:59 - A three storey party superstore shop in Clapham Junction (opposite debenhams) has caught fire. It is not yet known if anybody is inside. Thier are many onlookers and destressed people as police try to gain control of the situation.

23:49 - A car in notting hill has been set alight and shop windows have been smashed in the area.

23:47 - Reports that a shopping centre in Ealing is indeed on fire.

23:46 - Ed Milliband will now also be returning from his holiday, along with David Cameron and Boris Johnson which were confirmed earlier this evening. The Prime Minister will be chairing the COBRA meeting which will start at 9am says Downing Street.

23:44 - The shooting in Croydon does appear to be a non-fatal shot.

23:42 - Ealing shopping centre has become the latest target area, windows have been smashed throughout Ealing.

23:40 -  Referring back to the report earlier about Ladbrokes and CEX in Tooting, it seems rioters have shattered front windows of Ladbrokes, in Franciscan Road, Tooting, and nearby CEX, in Mitcham Road.

23:37 - Boris Johnson will indeed be joining Prime Minister David Cameron in coming home from his holiday early to deal with the current situation.

23:36 -35 people have so far been arrested in Birmingham this evening.

23:34 - A shot of the google map -

23:32 - Another Google Maps has been set up by @jamescridland, this time highlighting confirmed London Riot areas http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?msid=207192798388318292131.0004aa01af6748773e8f7&msa=0&ie=UTF8&ll=51.536086,-0.056305&spn=0.39294,0.630341&z=10&source=embed

23:28 - Police have now confirmed that a man has been shot and injured in Croydon.

23:22 - An eye witness in Clapham claims to have been told by police to stay away because police are currently outnumbered 20 to 200 according to BBC reporter Sangita Myska.

23:20 - Some police in Clapham are not properly equipped with riot ngear or shields, meaning they have no choice but too wait for more back up whilst more masked looters continue to run past with bags of items.

23:13 - Still mixed reports about areas such as Tooting, police sirens may possibly be heading to places such as Clapham and Croydon.

23:09 - Charlton against Reading has also now been postponed on police advice, and thier is currently disucussions of postponing wednesdays England match.

23:05 -  Road are reportedly being blocked in areas around mitcham and tooting. West Ham have also postponed thier Carling Cup match against Aldershot which was scheduled for tommorow.

23:03 - Currently no major signs of riots in Tooting Broadway area, but a number of sirens are being heard and most places are closed.

23:00 - Phone stores in Woolwich High Street are being now looted.

22:58 - Many pubs and clubs in the Earlsfield, Tooting and Sothside area are closing, making sure that both customers and staff get home safely with many reports that rioters are now spreading to those areas.

22:56 - Thier are many people saying that they can see smoke and hear sirens across Tooting. More information as I get it.

22:54 - Reported photo from Tooting

22:49 - Claims that also Ladbrokes and CEX in Tooting are now being targeted.

22:47 - Police have entered stores and other areas around London today insturcting people to be careful and on guard.

22:44 - Claims of rioting now in areas such as Tooting and Colliers Wood. Many are now reporting that Harveys furniture store in Colliers Wood is now on fire

22:40 - Some reports that rioting is now erupting in Luton.

22:38 - Another picture from Andrew Hough of a smashed window in south london -

22:36 - Clapham Junction Station is currently being looted.

22:34 - Daniela Ritorto (BBC Journalist) states that she's seen a number of people carrying armfulls of items from stores such as debenham in St Johns Road. She states she hasn't seen a police officer for over 1 & 1/2 hours, as she remains unables to go home. She states that thier are currently hundreds and hundreds in the area.

22:31 - Andrew Hough also tweeted the following - 'Anarchy on the streets of south London tonight. No police in sight. '

22:30 - General news reporter for UK Daily Telegraph, Andrew Hough tweeted the following picture from south london -

22:26 - The huge blaze in Croydon continues, and is being considered he most serious situation right now as the riots seem to be occuring in small groups.
22:23- 0808/2011 New York Times front page -

22:20 - 09/09/2011 The Guardian front page

22:16 -  Pictures are starting to circulate across social networks showing louters and rioters. Won't be displaying them till confirmation is made of thier involvement in todays riots.

22:13 - Firefighters are continuing to tackle the fires in Croydon.

22:09 - A policeman in Clapham has reportedly been injured after being struck with a missile, and cars are being petrol bombed.

22:06 - The Guardian Deputy Editor - Katharine Viner tweets - 'Peckham cops told me that people were coming to the capital from all over the country to join in '

22:03 - Polcie are currently strugling to seperate the public from the rioters.

21:58 - Al areas of Clapham are now victim of the riots as the west is being slowly taken over.

21:55 - Police now say to avoid any part of Croydon town centre north of the flyover.

21:51 - The store that was completely engulfed in fire, called 'House of Reeves' has been trading for 140 years.

21:47 - People are being instructed to go home if they are not already, and parents have been instructed to call thier children home if they haven't already.

21:45 - Chris Rogers (BBC Correspondent) -  'An intimidating scenario...'
Rogers claims thier is no sight of police officers whilst Debenhams in Clapham is being completely destroyed. The current belief is that they've deemed the situation even too dangerous for the police to get involved themselves.

21:44 - Police are controlling some access routes in Bimringham, whilst a number of officers continue to control events inside the city.

21:43 - Masked youths have been seen looting stores in Birimingham.

21:41 - Additional police are being sent to Croydon to help combat rioters.

21:39 -Bottles are reportedly being thrown at police in Hackney.

21:36 - No police guarding stores such as Currys in Clapham, and looting has been the main focus.

21:33 -
Homes are now also being set on fire in Croydon.

21:30 - Fire trucks took a while to access the fires in Croydon because of blocked off roads by police to protect the pbulic from the riots.

21:26 -
21:24 - Peckham reportedly still having problems.

21:22 - Croydon tram tracks and overhead cabling on fire.

21:18 - Can't confirm at this stage but thier are rumours that clapham is starting to experience rioting.

21:14 - David Cameron will be flying back home to London tommorow and holding a very important COBRA meeting tommorow to address the situation.

21:11 - More shop windows have been smashed, and cars are still being set a light, many people are currently unable to to go home and have been blocked by police for thier own safety.

21:09 - Met police have called for more air support for surrey and sussex.

21:05 - A map is available to view where most tweets with the hastag #londonriots are occuring. http://londonriotsmap.appspot.com/

21:04 - Only one fire tender has so far been able to reach the furniture store completely ablaze in Croydon.

21:03 - Police are currently struggling to contain the rioters in Croydon.

21:02 - Fox and Hounds Pub in near West Croydon Station has been emptied with doors blocked as rioters storm through.

21:00 Metopolitan Police have confirmed that they will be publishing an equivillent of www.identifyrioters.com

20:58 - Two police helicopters are now circling Croydon.

20:57 - Building in the centre of Croydon are now on fire. A lot of smoke and flames seen coming from buildings. Several shops have been smashed, and a double decker bus is also on fire.

20:55 - The following train stations are delayed or cancelled because of the riots -
  • Barking
Chiltern Railways
  • Harrow-on-the-Hill
First Capital Connect
  • Peckham Rye
London Overground
  • Barking
  • Hackney Central
  • West Croydon
National Express East Anglia
  • Bethnal Green
  • Peckham Rye
  • Woolwich Arsenal
  • South Bermondsey
  • Queens Road Peckham
  • West Croydon
  • Peckham Rye
20:51 - Standoffs between the police and the public continue in Birmingham.

20:49 - Police pulling back in Hackeny, beleif that some rioting is now under control.

20:48 - A number of trainer and mobile phone stores are currently being targeted in Birmingham.

Photo tweeted by @sallygainsbury

20:44 - Ken Livingston - 'I'm not suprised...' Fromer London mayor claism that police had warned the government of rioting months ago. Believes violence like this was clear months ago.

20:42 - West Midlands police in stand-off around Birmingham City Centre. Many young teenagers have reportedly been seen involved in the riots.