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Friday, 17 February 2012

Winol Semester 2 Week 3

Week starting 13/02/2012 
Debrief Notes
- My link was good, but could have used one more sentence.
- My package had a limit to the shots I could use, and it showed in my package, I was told that my quotes were good.
- For my writing of the two oovs scripts (Broadband and Jamie Oliver), both Angus and Chris said that they were well written, which I was quite pleased with.

News Story Preperation + Meeting

Today I came in with an idea for two different stories.

My first story regards the growing housing list for the city. My plan was to interview someone at the Winchester Nightshelter because of the ever increasing number of people try to find somewhere to live, with families being moved into hotels and bed and breakfasts, because of lack of space.
To balance this, I was going to interview a member of the council, preferably a member of the housing comittee. When I called the nightshelter, I was told that the woman I wanted to interview was away today, so I immediatly felt that this story was going to struggle to progress in time for Wednesday. I decided that it was safer to turn my primary focus on my other story idea.

My other story revolved around the citys carbon footprint. over recent years it has developed a bit of a reputation as one of the least eco friendly citys in the country.
I had already arranged an interview with Robert Hutchison, a councillor who has been vocal about the councils carbon footprint in a recent council meeting. I was scheduled to go to his house on tuesday afternoon at 2.
I then arranged an interview with the WACC - Winchester Action on Climate Change, for 10am on

My other fresh angle to the story (and also to help gather some slightly interesting shots), I discovered that two new 'zero carbon' homes were being built on the outskirts of Winchester. I decided to contact the company behind the buildings to try and gain access to film inside one of the homes.
Sadly, the person I spoke to wasn't in the area this week, and was therefore unable to show me around. However, he said that he would speak to Hamptons, the estate agency that was selling the houses. However, I didn't get another call back on Monday.

I had an interview with the Director at 'Winchester Action on Climate Change' 10am, thier offices were in the Main Building at the University, so luckily I didn't have to travel too far. It was a good interview, and I was able to film a sequence of her typing at a computer.

I had then secured an interview with Ian Tate, a conservative councillor in winchester. And I travelled to the guildhall to have the interview at 12:30. Again this went smoothly, and this time I filmed Ian walk through a door as a shot I could use in my piece.

I then helped George for his interview with George Beckett which was also at the guildhall, at 1pm. After that we went to the home of Lib Dem Councillor Robert Hutchison, which was not too far from the train station. I interviewed him, and then we popped into Hamptons so that I could see if I was able to film inside the home  in time for the wednesday bulletin.

I was told that the best they could do was 10:45 on Wednesday. I decided that it was the only way my package would work, and agreed.

Me and George then returned to the news room after he had collected a few gvs, and got I got to work on editing.

I then recieved a phonecall from Hamptons and it turned out that I was unable to get access on wednesday, as Hamptons were going to be a man short.
I spoke to Tom Morgan, the news editor, and we decided that I should try and see if I could get permission to use some of their images in my package.
I did get permission on Wednesday morning, but the conditions were a bit hazy, and myself and Tom were abit cautious about using them. And after speaking with Brian, we agreed that the piece was more reliant on actual footage of the homes. We then decided it would be best to postpone the story until next week, when I would have more time to gain access to the home.
My sights then suddenly turned to the lobby meeting I was expecting today. Brian thought this should be my new focus today, and we began to discuss me heading down to Southampton where the unions would be holding a rally outside the civic centre.

As I was beginning to prepare for that, I was then told by my news editor Tom, that he had decided that it was more valuable for me to handle the new unemployment figures that had been released today. I was lsightly hesistant, as I had a deeper knowledge of the union rally, and thought it would be more interesting visually.
But I understood Tom's desire for us to have coverage of the new unemployment figures as it would interest our audience.
I tried to speak to someone at student services about the figures, but after being moved all around the building, nobody were willing to talk. Also, we struggled to find to find local figures in time, which made the story impossible to localise.

It was then decided that I should try and pursue the union story once again, but it turned out to just be a lobby, and no officla decisions were being made on the day. And because it was now too late to travel to southampton to cover the lobby, their was little I could do. he hope was that I'd be able to record a shrot piece in the news room possibly reporting that their was going to be a strike sometime in the future, but sadly for me that wsn't the case.

As Tom Morgan was presenting this week, I was given the temporary role of news editor for the remainder of the day. This involved looking through peoples packages and communicating with Ewan (production editor) to ensure everything ran smoothly as we went towards going live.

This weeks Winol


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