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Monday, 3 October 2011

Winol 1.0

Week starting 26/09/2011
This week was my first time as a full-fledged member of Winol [Winchester News Online]. I began my first role as a sub editor and part of the production team.

Monday was very much about settling in and understanding what my role would require, and to speak to the people i would be working with. I spoke with Jack, Dom and Justina about the production aspects, and also spoke with Aimii about the sub-editor role. I felt more ready for the week ahead.

Tuesday was very much a day of learning about the gallery in preperation for the Wednesday broadcast. After creating my video piece on the gallery at the end of year 1, I had some idea of what to expect. But the third years were very helpful in explaining the properties and controls for the different pieces of software. Myself and the other members of the productipon team learnt a bit about the video mixer, the sound mixer and the auto-cue. It was soon decided that the sound mixer would be the first thing I try to master.
We had hoped to start learning how to use the joomla system, but we were unable to log in, but Aimii gave us a briefing on what it involves. She also gave us a few outlines on how she wants the posts to look. The hope is to have a picture with every article this year.

Today I was also asked by Louis O'Brien to help him film some of his news report. This involved going into town to record some shots for his package, aswell as his piece to camera for the report. We travelled to a road directly related to the news story, and I feel the background fitted fine with the story and wasn't too plain.

Wednesday was a great day, I really enjoyed the busy atmosphere. It was nice to see that despite being under enormous pressure, everybody around me was very calm and kept a clear mind.
Myself and the other members of the production team were assigned to sort out the taglines for this weeks bulletin. This involved speaking to each of the reporters and finding out if they had interviewed anybody, and if so, what thier name was, and the relevance to the story (ie:- job or position). This became difficult when one reporter was unsure of the name of thier interviewee. After looking at her Facebook page, we were still uncertain if she was using her real name. The package didn't end up in the broadcast, but if it had, we would have had very few options other than to just include a first name.
George managed to land his first sub-editors job, editing together a piece by Lee. While we were waiting to get to work in the production side of things, i was watching him edit and tried to assist where i could. I started to see the importance of editing once we noticed problems in places, such as the closing line. Thier was no real reference/justification to what was being said, but after speaking to Lee, he was able to provide a good source to back up his claims. By the time it was finished, it looked like a good quality piece of journalism.

While my current position is behind the camera, I did still pick up some useful advice from the lecturers after the broadcast, particularly from Angus Scott, mainly involving the reporting side of the broadcast.
Starting a package with a piece to camera is something that should not be done.
If you are qouting somebody in your package, it sounds better when you get somebody else to read it out, otherwise it will sound a bit odd jumping back to your voice afterwards.
Tr to take as many different shots as you can, because then you have a more wide(and therefore better) selection to choose from. You only want the best shots in your piece. You also need to avoid shooting a persons face when getting certain shots.

I would consider this a successful first week considering that it was all achieved in a very short time after only just returning back to university, and I'm sure it will get better and better.


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