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Friday, 27 April 2012



That's all updates for now.

Full report will be up later when more information comes to light.

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Image from Christian (@thepastamaster)-

15:14 - Another tweet by the Metropolitan Police - 'We are not aware of any hostages at this stage, search of the building continues on Tottenham Court Road'

15:12 - Although the man seems to be arrested, of course detailed checks still need to be made before any type of movement around the area will be allowed again.

15:11 - The Metropolitan Police have just tweeted the following - 'We have arrested a man at Tottenham Court Road. A search of the building is underway. Further details to follow'

15:10 - A detailed search now seems to be underway.

15:09 - Metropolitan police confirm that a man has been arrested and removed from the building.
15:04 - Transport for London advises people to avoid the area if possible, trains not stopping at nearby stations. Will specify shortly

14:57 - Anybody with any information has been urged to step forward in some form, whether phoning your local police, or contacting in some way/.

14:55 - A dog search team is reportedly at the scene, presumably to check for any other dangers.

14:53 - Firearms taking up positions around the offices.

14:51 - Images have been revealed of snipers in position on top of a roof near the building.

14:48 - Tottenham Court Road remains one of the top trending topics in the UK.

14:46 - Firearms officers expected to stay in position as long as required.

14:44 - If you have any updates or images you wish to share, you can tweet me @danielmackrell

14:42 - Claims that Michael Green 'came into logistics office strapped up with 4 canisters threatening to blow himself up'

14:40 - Stephen Hull's brief video interview with Abby Baafi, 27, who is the head of training and operations at Advantage(the coimpany involved)

14:36 - Stephen Hull (@hullstephen) of the Huffington Post is at the scene, and is providing a number of updates including this interview with a women called Abby Baafi was was a traget of the attack.

From Stephen Hall - 'Abby told us she'd met suspect before. He said he didn't have anything to live for and wanted to blow the place up.'

14:33 - The blocked off area has doubled in size over the last hour.

14:32 - It seems reports are coming through thst some people have been made to throw items from the building.
14:26 - There has been some talk going around that there may not be any hostages left in the buildings. Difficult to confirm at this moment.

14:23 - So here is the key information currently -
A 50 year old man called Michael Green is believed to have 4 hostages in the fifth floor of a building on Tottenham Court Road.
Their are reports that he has gas cans strapped to his body, and has been throwing paper and computer from the fifth floor window.
A negotiator is on the scene, and police now have telephone communication with them.
Around 300 cordon are now there, and it has been around 2 and a half hours since the situation began.

14:22 - Police are communicating with him via telephone.

14:21 - Sky reporting that the name of the man is Michael Green, a name that has been going around the internet for a more than an hour. But now seems confirmed.

14:12 - Around 300 cordon are in the area.

14:11 - Items are continuing to get thrown out of the window.

14:10 - The following traffic update involves the Tottenham Court Road area -
A400 Tottenham Court Road (one way street) Northbound Between A40 Oxford Street (St Giles Circus) and A501 Euston Road / A400 Hampstead Road (Euston Underpass)

14:08 - It has been reported that snipers are at the roofs of nearby buildings.

14:06 - Metropolitan Police have reported that 'Items have been thrown out of a 5th floor window.There are no reported injuries and it's unclear if other people in the building'

14:05 - Residents in nearby hotels on the road, have been locked in and told to go to their rooms.

Main Updates

Police now know the identity of the man involved in a bomb scare taking place on the fifth floor of a building in Tottenham Court Road.

The man is said to be 50 years old,and continues to throw items from the window, cindluing paperwork and computers.
Witnesses have said that they saw a man in the building with what they described as gas canisters trapped to him.
A negotiator has been confirmed as arriving at the scene, and some sort of communication with the man has been established.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Student Union President Package


Harry 'Kodak' Stow has been elected SU President for 2012/13, writes Daniel Mackrell

With competition from the other candidates Samuel Quested and Andrew Teale, Winchester's campus has been surrounded in flyers and campaigning throughout this week.

Harry was the Community Actions Officer for the university last year, setting up events for Children in Need, the Mental Health forum and Sport Relief.
Some of Harry's manifestos during the elections include the focus on student safety and introducing more diverse activities for students.

Former SU president Seb Meill has stepped down this year, which allowed three new faces to step up at this year's elections.

Voting closed at 3pm on Thursday 29th and the result was announced at around 10pm along with the other SU positions. For more results see the Winchester Student Union Facebook page.

Winol Semester 2 Week 10

Week Starting 02/04/2012


I had a few different story ideas this week.

One was to try and do the '3d Lung x ray' story that I had as a back up last week, and was unable to do because of the Student Union elections story.
I rang up the press office a few times to hope to arrange an interview and the chance to film the technology, but the press officer needed to get confirmation that I would be able to film. This took a lot longer than I had hoped, and prevented me from doing the story.

Another idea involved the Queens Diamond Jubilee, and involved four parks in Winchester becoming commemorative fields. I had read that their was some controversy from unsure councillors, and it was felt this would be good to follow up.

My other idea was to follow the result of the SU president election that I had covered last week, as we now had a winner. I proposed it as an oov, as I could comfoprtably get an interview with the new SU president
Today after speaking with Brian, I decided to turn my interview with Harry Stow into a full package, instead of just an oov.

The aim was to show Harry and Seb (the current president) together, shaking hands and discussing the plans for the future of the student union.

I managed to arrange to meet both Seb Miell and Harry Stow together, which meant I was able to follow them around with a camera.

I followed them with a camera s they walked over to the office, and then filmed them in different places around the office, and chatting together, this gave a lot of footage to choose from when I was editing.
This morning I finished editing my news package, which just meant tweaking some of the voice over, and adding the straplines.

I had already put together my written piece during the weekend, when harry had first won the election, and their wasn't much I could add as an update.

This Week's Bulletin