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Monday, 3 October 2011


A new year of HCJ is upon us, but this time it has a slightly diffeent feel. No longer are we studying Romanticism, we have now moved onto Modernism.
During the lecture, Chris explained the difference. Modernism is very much about 'relativity', whilst Romanticism deals with Change.

We looked at a number of different works of Modernism, and a number of points that have been made.
- Thier is no centre to the universe.
- The void - At the centre of everything is nothing.
- Angst : fearful, unhappy, discontented.
- Modern particle physics - Nuclear Fission, Decentered Universe, Relativity.
- Modernologists don't believe we are 'on a journey'.
- Sigmund Freud - An Austrian neurologist and a psychoanalyst.

An example of Modernist art
Source - Flickr: Chiara Marra
Chris Horrie also spoke about the de-evolution of the species, with the weak being kept alive and able to pass on thier genes.
He brought up two possible solutions to this issue:-
1) We can evolve through technology and knowledge. This can be achieved with better medication and robotic body parts, 'camera eyes' for the blind, and much more. This would be considered the more realistic future for us to evolve.
2) We can 'kill off' the weakand 'breed' fit, healthy and multi-talented people with the aim of producing only the 'strongest' people. This is known as Eugenics(controlled breeding).


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