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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Google+ Opens To The Public

After on and a half months of closed testing, Google+, the latest in social networking, has become available for public use.

It is working towards creating the most intimate social network available, showing similarities to websites such as Twitter and Facebook but a more diverse version.

Until now, Google+ has had limited availability to the public, with people having to request the oportunity to sample the new website. However, within two weeks it had brought in over 10 Million users through friend invites.

One exciting feature is 'Hangouts', which allows users to interact with multiple people through live video. Google has stated that it has already been used to host a number of events, ranging from 'cooking classes to game shows to music concerts.

Hangout Source - Google Blogspot
Also, 'Hangouts on Air' allows users to record your session, and can have up to nine people involved.

The main basis of the Hangout feature seems to be the aim of replicating real life interaction. This is shown with feautre such as screen sharing, which until now has not been heavily used on other online technology. You can aslo share documents, presentations and even an interactive sketchpad with your friends and family. While these extras are still being tested, you are able to try them out and see what you think. You'll also be able to use the hangout feature on the go with your mobile.

Thier is also a search for creative individuals to design apps which you can find more information about here http://googleplusplatform.blogspot.com/.

Google has also made the most of what it's most famous for - its search engine. He search box allows you to look for friends, posts and more across the web.

After a 12 week field trial, Google+ is now open to the masses, and looks like it has everything in place to be a success.


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