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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ryan Giggs Named by MP

Ryan Giggs was yesterday named as the Premier League footballer who took out a super-injunction preventing any publication that would reveal he had an affair with BB star Imogen Thomas.

MP John Hemming named the star in the House of Commons, using a 300 year old law which gives members of parliament freedom of speech without danger of prosecution (known as parliamentary privilege).

When naming Giggs, Hemming claimed it was impractical to imprison the 75,000 twitter users who spoke about Giggs despite the injunction. Lib Dem MP has since been accused of not naming Giggs for anything more than 'ego trip'. However, Hemming has said that it was already known to the public and therefore not an abuse of privilege to name him, as he could have said it outside of parliament as well.

Ryan Giggs has now exploded over this morning’s newspapers, but many would consider it old news, and perhaps just see it as satisfying to finally see him named and shamed.

A number of Journalists have been waiting outside Giggs' home in Manchester, hoping to catch a snap of the Premier League ace or his wife. The BBC has reported that many of their cars have been vandalised by a masked gang. Click here to read more


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