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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

ICorrect - Journalists Beware!

A new website has been set up by Sir David Tang called ICorrect.

This has lead to a number of celebrities signing onto the website to correct claims that they feel were unjustified. However, if you wanted to join this website, you would be joining what seem's to be becoming a special 'ICorrect club'. For an individual it costs $1,000 a year, and $5,000 a year for a business.You must also provide a reference eiter from an existing ICorrect member or 'A lawyer or representative who can vouch for your identity'

Recent corrections come from high profile figures and companies such as Kate Moss, Kevin Spacey, Michael Caine, Chelsea Football Club and IMG.

Although, figures such as Cherie Blaire seem to be using it more frequently than others. So far she has 'corrected' the Daily Mail, The Daily Express and The Mirror

One thing i did notice, is that Sir David Tang has used his website as much as anyone with one correction being -

From the Daily Mail -- 'David Tang is a creep'
Sir David Tangs' Correction -- 'This is greatly exaggerated'

Another interesting correction was from Michael Caine -

The Accusation - "Not many people know that." For the past 40 years, I have always been associated with these words.

His Correction - I have never said "not many people know that". Peter Sellers said it when he impersonated my voice on his telephone answering machine. His impersonation was: "This is Michael Caine, Peter Sellers is out. Not many people know that." I do not mind something clever being attributed to me, but I do mind something stupid that I did not say or do.

This website will certainly allow celebrities to feel like they have more of a voice against the publications of the press, but whether the website will truly take off is yet to be seen. Although, it will be interesting to monitor ICorrect over the next few months to see how often a new correction is published.

If successful it could place more pressure on the press to post correctly and fairly, as well as websites such as Wikipedia which is constantly slated for incorrect information about public figures.

You can see all the 'corrections' on the website here - http://www.icorrect.com/


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