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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Super-injunctions over?!?!

In todays(6/11/10) edition of The Sun, they reported a story of Arsene Wenger supposedly having a 2 year affair behind his wife's back. However, while reading through the 2 poage report, i noticed a small story in the corner headlined 'Sun win as judge lifts gag'.

In the brief article, they have revealed that yesterday(5/11/10) they won 'a landmark legal ruling that could end the "super-injunctions" taken out by celebrities to cover up scandals.
Mr Justice Tugendhat(a senior high court judge) has ruled that sportsman that attempt to prevent publication revealing any details of a story can be named,
The star it concerns can have 14 days to attempt to get the 'Court of Appeal' to 'overturn the decision and cannot be named meanwhile'.

The Sun describes this decision as 'a major victory for Press freedom and the public's right to know scandals involving stars whose lucrative endorsements rely on a squeaky-clean image'.

They then reveal both John Terry and Ashely Cole as top sportsman that have previously used super-injunctions.


Well done Daniel - you've posted some great articles so far on your blog, and you're consistent, which is very important. Very good spot on the Wenger story - worth bringing this up during your law session this week on Investigative Journalism.
One minor note of caution - double check your copy before publishing to avoid typos etc.

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