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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Twitter Libel Case - 'twibel'?

I'm a big twitter fan, i have over 5,000 tweets and am nearing 200 followers. I use it practically everyday, and don't pay too much attention to what i write, it's normally just me going on about everyday life. But it seem's i'll need to start being a lot more careful.

Colin Elsbury, 41, has become the fist person in the UK to lose a twitter libel case. The tweet said 'It's not in our nature to deride our opponents however Eddie Talot had to be removed by Police from the Polling Station.
Mr. Talbot, 51, sued(an independant candidtate) sued Elsbury(a former mayor) for defamation in a tweet he made during a Caerphilly County Council by-election. He was charged £3,000 compensation and £50,000 costs. He will also be required to 'tweet' an apology.

This shows the power that Twitter can now have, it's becoming a powerful tool in politics and journalism.
The Sun reported that Elsbury said "This case will act as a warning to people, including politicians, to be extremely careful using Twitter".


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