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Monday, 8 November 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Libel Payout - The Daily Express


In The Daily Express they have reported that Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo ‘has accepted substantial undisclosed libel damages over a claim that he put his injured ankle at risk by “living it up” in a hollywood nightclub.
The claim was made by the Daily Telegraph in July 2008 with the story ‘Ronaldo back in the limelight’. He did not appear at London’s High Court for the settlement against Telegraph Media Group Ltd.

Allan Dunlavy (his solicitor) claimed that the story lead to embarrassment, distress and offence to the player as he was concerned with his reputation as well as how his club at the time(Manchester United may have been perceived.
The newspaper is now said to have accepted the allegations were untrue and apologised after agreeing to pay Ronaldo ‘substantial damages and his legal costs in full’.

‘Mr Dunlavy said that Ronaldo now considered that he had been fully vindicated’.
In a statement, Ronaldo said: "I am delighted with this outcome. I take enormous pride in my professionalism. I treat my training and recovery from injury very seriously and would never have drunk and danced in a nightclub without my crutches as the Daily Telegraph falsely claimed.”



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