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Monday, 16 May 2011

EPL Footballer Injunction Still Stands

The Sun lost another attempt to name the premier league footballer linked to an affair with Imogen Thomas.

News Group Newspapers (that represents the newspaper) appeared in court today along with Imogen in an attempt to halt the gagging order that has so far prevented the player from being named.

Mr Justice Eady (who had issued the original injunction in April) still feels that there is 'no suggestion of any legitimate public interest'. He also felt that the player could still expect privacy in this matter.

A lot of controversy has surrounded the story in recent weeks. The public appears to grow tired of celebrities using their wealth to hide such scandals.

Recently an account on Twitter had suggested it knew those holding super injunctions and 'revealed' it's suspicions on the twitter account. It is not clear whether these are correct accusations, or whether the 'tweeter' can be punished.

The Guardian has today claimed that another married premier league footballer took out an injunction on Friday against News Group Newspapers.


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