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Friday, 16 March 2012

Winol Semester 2 Week 7

Week Starting 12/03/201

Saturday (10/03/2012)
Today I got aranged a press pass for a Science and Engineering Day at the University of Southampton.
We've been told that if we go to event, the focus should not be on the event itself, instead we should find a story within the event.

Before heading their, I already knew that my main focus would be on a model vehicle called the Bloodhound SSC, which hopes to reach 1000mph. I made sure to get a number of shots, as well as shots of a special 'bloodhound experience' that they had on the day for people(mainly children) to use. I asked permission of some parents to record some of the footage, but the media officer assured me that generally it was ok to film the public as their were signs informing them that filming would be taking place.

One of the most interesting parts of the day was that I was walking around with the press officer alongside two ITV journalists who were filming the whole event itself.It was interesting to see how they decided to interact with the public, and decide on their shots. They moved to multiple areas before deciding on a place to shoot one of their interviewees.
When at the bloodhound, I managed to find a good spot to film some of the 'bloodhound experience', and one of the itv crew asked me when I was done so they could stand in my spot. I felt quite good that I had found a spot that ITV wanted.

I also filmed some Vegetable Orchestra, but it wasn't quite what I had hoped. I was hoping for a touring orchestra that uses vegetables as their instruments, but it was more simply a small workshop for families to construct their own vegetable instruments

Today kind of replaced Tuesday, in that I was editing the majority of my package together, including the majority of the voiceover. We also had the usual news meetings and debreif where we analysed the previous weeks bulletin.

This morning I helped Louis with his 2 interviews in Southampton, including one with the head of the Southampton City Council. Unfortunately the two stories Lou had fell apart, but when we returned to the news room in the afteroon, I was able to record the final piece of my voiceover, to finish my package completely.

As usual. today was very busy.
I was first asked to edit together an oov on a planned biomass plant in Southampton. A similar oov was developed the week before by Graham using stock footage, but the oov wasn't used in the end. I made it a bit fresher from the week before, so it was still usable.

This weeks bulletin


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