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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Winol Semester 2 Week 8

Week Starting 19/03/2012

Friday. Today I went to interview Louise Damen, a Winchester athlete.

Me and Flick met her outside the River Park leaisure centre, and then walked over to the field to shoot the interview, as well as various gvs, and sequence shots.
I was quite pleased the responses I got from the questions.


I decided that it would be good to combine both my interview with Louise and the announcement of the specific torch route through Winchester, because it would add more to my package, which I felt was needed.
After speaking with Brian, he showed me the BBC's coverage of the torch announcement on Mondays 'News at 10'. It gave me a few ideas of what I could do with my package.

Today I finished my package by just tweaking a few bits of the voiceover after angus and brian looked over it.

I also helped Graham to film some of his package about the fuel prices, for our budget special bulletin this week.

It included trying to get some vox pops from the public about their feelings towards the possible fuel related announcements in Wednesdays budget.

On the day, the fuel announcements were different to what we expected, which meant Graham had to alter the angle of his story late in the day, which he did well.

Overall, I was quite pleased with my package this week, as it

Feedback notes.
This week, Angus Scott gave me some feedback on my news package on the olympic torch route and local marathon runner.

This week's bulletin


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