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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Winol Semester 2 Week 9

Week starting 26/03/2012
In this week's debrief, I recieved some good feedback from my lecturers.
Mainly for my ability to construct a package, and be able to pack so much into a one minute package in terms of content, and also for good scripting.

This week I had two ideas for a story. The first dipped into my 'news beat' of Science and Technology, it was a new 3D machine that is expected to help tackle lung disease, and was being developed at the university of Southampton, visually it could be very interesting.

My other story idea was to cover this years University elections. I soon decided to make this my priority, because it would appeal to one of our key audiences (students). Leaflets and campaigners were all across campus, so it was clear that this was something most students would know about.

I managed to arrange an interview and general filming with one of the three candidates for tuesday afternoon, and was just waiting to hear back from the other two.

Today I was able to meet all 3 candidates in the afternoon, two let me film them campaigning. I followed one campaigner as they travelled through campus, and through the West Downs student accommodation where they were handing out flyers and knocking on doors.

Later in the evening, I filmed the election Q&A which took place in 'The Stripe' building on campus. It gave me a few good shots, such as the three candidates sitting next to each other. I was also able to interview the two candidates that I hadn't yet interviewed, which allowed me to have a balanced/fair story.


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