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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Winol Semester 2 Week 2

Week starting 06/02/2012

View my package from this week here.

Monday. Today started with a debrief of our first real bulletin of the semester. We looked at the developing design of the Winol website. This includes the new addition of Twitter, wich we are starting to focus a lot more on this semester. As a frequent user of Twitter, I'm pleased with this decision. As I see Twitter as a great tool for modern journalists to not only promote their work, but to find out news(sometimes quicker than through other forms of media).

Tuesday. Today was a very busy day for me. It started very early when I left my house just after 8am to head out to the train station to travel to Southampton for my interviews and filming.
My first interview was with the Deputy Leader of Southampton City Council - Cllr Jeremy Moulton. The interview was a 10am, I arrived about 10 minutes early, but this seemed to be fine for Jeremy, he mentioned that he thought I may have arrived slightly early.
We then commenced the interview, and I was pleased with the responses I got, their were some good quotes. my particular favourite was 'this is the peoples museum', which I ended up using in both my package, and the headline clip that was used for the broadcast.
After the interview, I was left feeling quite pleased at the good start made to my story. I had decided that it was best to try and get my other interview(for balance) sorted today. Especially after calling my news editor Tom Morgan, he told me that a lot of the stories from other reporters were falling through. So the bulletin was starting to rely a bit on my package to work out. I decided that since I was unable to get a lift from anybody, and I needed to get to the otherside of Southampton rather quickly, that I would have to catch a taxi to Thornton, so that I could get the balance that I needed.

Before that I walked behind the City Council, where they are still doing building work for the Sea City museum, and I filmed a number of GVs. I knew I would be light on footage, as I as of yet have not recieved access to go and film the building work inside the museum. So instead I filmed the building work that was happening outside. I noticed a few of the builders shovelling some dirt and gravel, and remembered when Brian asked us to try and start our package with some natural sound to give it sometime to breath before entering the voice over. So I asked them if I could just film them shovelling the dirt into the wheelbarrow. They agreed. After my filming there was done, I jumped into a taxi, and went to Thornhill. I walked into the Thornhill Community Centre, and was able to interview Cllr Simon Letts. He was very polite and helpful, and then afterwards I asked to film a sequence of him just looking at some sheets of paper. We've been told in the past, that if your lacking shots for your package, sequences are often a good solution.
I managed to catch a bus back to the city centre, and then got the train back to Winchester.
When I arrived at the newsroom at around 1pm, I then got to work on editing my package together.


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