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Friday, 16 March 2012

Winol Semester 2 Week 6

Week Starting 4/03/2012


I already knew that my story was falling apart, but Tom was slowly running short on news stories, and had asked me to try and make an oov out of what I could get, considering I already had an interview arranged.

I went to interview a local councillor about the recent power cuts in Winchester. It wasn't the best of interviews, I soon realised that the oov would generally be quite week, but because of Tom's desperate need for content, I made an oov nonetheless in case he needed it.

I was made script editor this week, which originally meant knowing everything about every package. But I was put on script writing duty along with Tom, which halted my attempts to look through what people had and understand all the information and context of the packages. I then had to print the scripts, help people with links, look over packages, keep communication between the newsroom and gallery, and assist Tom with News Editor dutys when he was busy. Juggling lots of responsibilities made it difficult to keep on track. It also prevented me from fully achieving my role as script editor.

This week's bulletin


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