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Thursday, 1 March 2012

WINOL Semester 2 Week 5

Week Starting 27/02/2012
Debrief Notes

Today was the first time I was struggling in terms of securing a story for the week, I had made a few attempts on the thursday and friday before this week hunting for a story, and had a few ideas, but because of interviewees being unavailable, I had to scrap them.

When Monday arrived, I was still unsure on my different ideas, some weren't enough of a story, and others just wouldn't work as a video package. In the end I settled for a report on the proposal to add more fluoride to the water supply of areas of Hampshire, particularly around Southampton.

I made a few calls, to try and speak to someone from the Hampshire Against Fluoride group. I got hold of the wife of the Chariman of the campaign, and while she was unable to be interviewed, she said she would try and find someone else that could.
After not recieving any contact for the rest of the day, my hopes were down, the only good thing was that I had recieved a statement from Southern Water.

Today I woke up very pleased, as I had recieved a text at around 7:30am from a member of Hampshire Against Fluoride, telling me that they would be available for an interview today at 3pm. This immediatly put me in a happy and determined mood. So I went down to the newsroom for 9am, picked up my camera and tripod, and started to shoot various shots for my package.

I knew that I would struggle a little bit for pictures this week, and would have to be creative with my shots. I first went to the terrace bar, and found a person that was willing to have me film them drink a glass of water. I filmed it a few times with different shot distances so that I could form a sequence. I then went home and filmed a sequence of my kitchen tap being turned on to start my package with. Because I was limtied with shots, I decided to also film a river to continue the link of water.
Just before I left the news room for my interview, I recieved a call fromSouthampton Lib Dem Councillor Maureen Turner. She was available for an interview at 4pm. I wasn't certain if I would need the interview, but felt it was worth my time to see what she would say considering I would be in Southampton at that time anyway.

I then went to my interview with Arshad Sharif, a member of Hampshire Against Fluoride.
This morning I recorded my piece to camera, and then just touched up my package, and was finished by 11am.
I then returned to my role as Deputy News Editor, while Tom was working on the script and preparing to present this week.
Their were a number of tough decisions this week, the first arose when Chris approached me with the proposal to include a short in-studio discussion with Rachel about her new feature. While I do really like the idea, we agreed that it should be post-poned until next week, so we have more time to prepare from both a news aspect, and a production aspect.
The next decision came when Ewan had told me that we had more packages than we needed for this week, and would greatly go over our target of 12 minutes or less. The final decision was to remove the oovs from this weeks broadcast,

This week's Bulletin
Rob Kirk Interview


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