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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Radio Bulletin

Here is my completed bulletin. Enjoy.


Hampshire Council described plans to provide internet access to all members of the public as a ‘major policy’ during a county council meeting.

The 'Broadband Project' aims to make internet connections easily accessible across the county, with particular focus on rural areas. There is currently a 1 to 2 1/2 year timetable in place, and the council are planning a firm 6 month programme to ensure that progress is made.

Speaking at the meeting, Councillor Dr Raymond Ellis stated that ‘high speed is essential’, expressing its importance for work, studying, and even shopping.

Since opening in November 2010, the Re:fresh Cafe' opened and run by YMCA Winchester, has attracted a large number of young people with over 4000 visits in its first 4 months.

The move came after a consultation process 2 years ago with over 600 young people in Winchester, and has attracted young people from many of the nearby areas such as Eastleigh, Southampton and Guildford.

But lack of funding means Re:fresh is unable to make the cafe' exclusive to young people on a permanent basis.

Youth Programme manager for YMCA Winchester, Simon Dodd spoke of the importance of funding and the cafe's future plans-

Audio Insert NAME: Parking Charges Audio Cut
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OUTWORDS: between April 2011 and march 2012
Duration: 0'16"

Proposed Sunday parking charges by the Liberal Democrats have been abolished by Winchester’s Conservative Councillors.

The plan would have created charges for parking near the centre of Winchester. This lead to fears amongst the farmers market that this would create a drop in trade.

Head of Winchester City Council (and Lib Dem)- Kelsey Learney, saw these as reasonable charges. And felt they would help combat the 2 1/2% rise in costs to the council for parking services.

However, the Liberal Democrat party have been accused of not consulting with Winchester residents. Conservative Councillor Fiona Mather had this to say -

Audio Insert NAME: Parking Charges Audio Cut
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OUTWORDS: deterred from coming to Winchester on a Sunday
Duration: 0'17"

Fiona Mather also hopes to halt the collection of curbside glass which should save the council around £200,000.


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