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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Kant and Hegel

In HCJ, the focus over the last week has been on two German philosophers - Kant and Hegel. These are two particularly difficult philosophers to get your head around, but i hope i've done ok in understanding some of thier concepts and ideas.
Both are considered key figures in German ideology. What made them different was that they wrote for philosophers, instead of regular people. Both the were uni progressors, and addressed learned audiences.


His early works are more concerned with science than with philosophy. He also explores 'teleology' which holds that final causes exist in nature.
He had various ideas and influences. One key focus was German Idealism. He felt simple ideas are 'the product of things operating on the mind in a natural way'.

Kant had a love for freedom(linking to romanticism), and thought each of individual as an end in themselves, meaning that we should all count equally. In some senses this could be seen as similar to some of Lockes' teachings.

Kant looked alot into space and time, he felt they are not concepts but are intuition. Kant feels that both secondary and primary qualities are subjective. (This is different to Locke who just felt secondary qualities were subjective).

He also refers to 'Phenomenon'(what appears to us in perception) and see's it as consisting of two parts.

1 - The 'Sensation'(that due to the object)
2 - That due to our subjective apparatus, which causes the manifold to be ordered in certain relations.

A pure form of sensibility is called a 'pure intuition'.
Space and time were seen as representing two aspects for Kant. One for the outer sense, and one for the inner.


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