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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Radio Script - 2 Re-Edited

Since publishing the story on my blog that we would start seeing Sunday Parking Charges being introduced in the centre of Winchester, the conservatives and independant parties in the area have worked together to vote against this decision.
Thier will no longer be sunday parking chagres, so here is my edited and updated story after i spoke with Conservative Counciller - Fiona Mather.

Proposed sunday parking charges by the Liberal Democrats have been reversed by both Conservatives and independant parties.

The plan would have lead to charges for parking near the centre of Winchester. Thier were fears among the farmers market that this would lead to a drop in trade, despite more expensive parking in areas such as Basingstoke and Southampton.

Head of Winchester City Council (and Lib Dem)- Kelsey Learney, felt that these were reasonable charges that would help combat the 2% rise in VAT.

However, the Liberal Democrat party have been accused of not consulting with Winchester residents. Conservative Counciller Fiona Mather had this to say -

Audio Insert NAME: Parking Charges Audio Cut
INWORDS: The residents from
OUTWORDS: detered from coming to winchester on a Sunday
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