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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sea City Museum Package

Written Piece
Image courtesy of Southampton City Council
Labour councillors have criticised Southampton City Council over it's plans to give away free tickets to the new Sea City museum writes Daniel Mackrell.
The council announced a scheme last week which will see every household in the city receive tickets worth up to £25. The offer will be made to over 100,000 people.
Labour councillor Simon Letts said this week: 'It's not surprising that some people suggest that this is in fact an election stunt.'
He also suggests the best way to encourage museum attendance would be offering free tickets to schools.
But for the Tories, Southampton City Council Deputy Leader Jeremy Moulton says it will not cost very much compared to the benefits of having a lot of visitors.
Moulton said: 'when you give something away for free, people do tend to spend more money, buying books and merchandise'.
The museum will open on April 10th to commemorate the voyage of the Titanic.


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