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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Back to Winol - Refreshing

This week was a return back to University, with new roles, and new faces.
It was decided that instead of jumping straight back into Winol, we would have some 'refresher training' so that our work for the weekly broadcast would be better than ever.

My roles for the semester will be the Radio Production Editor as well as a reporter for Science and Technology.

(24/01/2012) I had an interview with Dr Douglas Connelly, a Marine Geochemist at the National Oceanography Centre.
The interview went well, Doug was veryf riendly and helpful throughout. Some of the interview answers were quite technical, so it will require me to present them in a digestable way for the audience(through my own voice), however their were some solid quotes which showed 'comment' which we're told is needed for a good news package.
Visually, I managed to make options available for editing. I got a shot of Doug walking into the room that I interviewed him in. This gave me atleast a bit of a sequence.
I also asked Douglas the day before if he could supply me wioth any images or video footage from the deap sea vents that the news tory is about. He was very helpful in this respect, and was able to provide me with a number of excellent images and some great footage that helps tell the story and make it interesting for the audience.

(25/01/2012) We had some more news report training from Angus Scott which you can read about ___here___
We also did a production dummy run, which i sat through in the gallery so that I could help out with any issues, and assist the new members of production because my experience in the gallery last semester. I also provided my opinion on some of the new experimental techniques that we tested today.

(27/01/2012) I went to the news room to edit together my news package today. I decided that I would make two versions for my news editor - A one minute package, and a 20 second oov. I also started writing different scripts for the two versions, as well as writing a link that doesn't repeat what is said in the package.

Aims for this semester
- Produce good quality news packages each week.
- Successfully convert news packages into written and radio versions under deadlines each week.
- Arrange a weekly podcast that can involve all members of Winol.
- Produce good quality radio bulletins.


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