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Sunday, 29 January 2012

News Report Training - Angus Scott

On Assignment
- Do your research
- Know your library
- Know where you are going
- Forward Planning
- Check equipment
Make sure equipment works and is charged.
- Be punctual
- Get shooting
Rule of Thirds
- Use sequences
Eg- wide, medium, tight shot
- Different size shots
- Shoot long - 10 second shots
- Maintain continuity
- Shoot cutaways
Helps you bridge a gap between two cuttings
- Don't 'cross the line' (180 degree rule)
- Shoots in 'thirds'

Piece to Camera
- Don't start with a piece to camera
- It should add something to the piece
- Use movement (but don't start walking before you talk)

- Make interviewee comfortable (use small talk)
- Stay in control
- Get cut aways
- Intro shot for interviewee (set up shot)
- Sequences
- You can never have too many shots

Coming Home
- Start writing your story
- Check pictures are out of the library (archive)
- Organise graphics (if needed)
- Make sure you have straps/captions for your upsot
- Report back to the news editor

Writing Intro
- Write the link/intro first
- 3/4 sentences setting up the piece
- Remember the 5 W's - who, what why, where when.
- Never repeat what is said in the link, in the package.

Writing your story
- One idea(piece of information) per sentence
- Make it simple
- Compliment the pictures
- Use present tense if possible
- Keep stories fresh
- Speak plain english
- Simplify numbers
- Use graphics to explain numbers/stats

- Tell a story and use a sequence
- Start with your best pictures
- Don't name your intervewee - use a caption/strap instead
- Limit 'grabs'/interviews clips to 20 seconds max(more likely 10-15 seconds)
- End with something that 'means something'
- Never end on an interview
- Don't end with SOT then SOQ

Press Conferences
- Get there early - get central position
- Sit near your camera
- Ask if there are one-to-ones

Media Scrums
- Roll early
- Be prepared for 'the crush'
- Look after eachother - you're a team

PTC - Piece To Camera
GV- General View
SOQ - Standard Out Queue
SOT - Sound On Tape (interview/grab)
UPSOT - Piece of interview uring oov
OOV/OOV ACT/UNDERLAY UPSOT - Out Of Vision (presenter out of vision)

OOV    -    Underlay     -      UPSOT
Presenter    Pictures           Interview


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