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Friday, 16 September 2011

Now for Year 2

Well, this summer has been an interesting one, i feel like i've faced a few new experiences, and i've noticed myself getting into some good journalistic habits. I've been watching news in a very different way. I'm sure my parents won't miss me constantly commenting on why they're doing certain things on news stories, and trying to explain some of the process behind it.

Thier has certainly been a number of big stories over the summer with the two biggest being the Phone Hacking scandal and the riots.

On this blog i didn't a few posts during the riots, including to live blogs which kept people updated on what was happening. Twitter proved a very useful source, and as i live very close to Croydon and similar areas, i had to contacts that i could speak to about what they could see. I recieved a number of 'retweets' linking to my blog, including one from Chris Ship of ITV news.
The blog attracted around 10,000 views on one day, and around 15,000 overall which i was very pleased with. It still continues to attract traffic to my blog on a daily basis with people still googling about the riots.

When the new year begins, i'll be taking my position as part of the production team, and as a sub editor, and I am looking forward to it.

Thier will be a number of new, interesting blogs, and I hope to present them in new ways. Very soon i will be posting a few demo voice overs, so keep on the look out for them.

Thank you for keeping up with my blogs, and i hope youst around, because thiers plenty more to come.


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