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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Precision English

For the last few week’s we have been studying Precision English with Annette. It was quite a shock to suddenly realise how little knowledge I had about grammar, spelling and punctuation. Despite studying English at A level, it soon became clear (after a horrid spelling test and a few grammar and punctuation exercises) that my English wasn’t up to scratch. I‘m hoping that after these few weeks of practice, I will now be able to write not only these blogs but any other work with more confidence that what I am writing is of a higher standard. Already as I type this blog, I could pick out many punctuation and grammar errors, but I suppose it’s hard to escape bad habits.
We’ve used Wynford Hicks ‘English for Journalists’ book to help guide us through these few weeks. I will certainly be treating it as a bible whenever it comes to writing anymore pieces until I know all of the rules automatically.


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