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Sunday, 31 October 2010

This Week's Winol

I have seen the Winol broadcast improve week after week. The main signs of improvement is the better quality audio and shots that seem more relevant to the stories.

I’ve enjoyed the variation in presenters; it keeps each broadcast fresh which is important if you are trying to attract a young audience. I enjoyed the first news story this week which was about the attack on a man in Winchester, I found it relevant as it’s in our area, and the style it was presented in was very professional and I was impressed with the extent coverage of the story including an interview with the victim and footage of the attack and arrest.
The text stays up longer which made the viewings more comfortable as I feel I have enough time to read them whilst paying attention to what is being said.

The one part I feel could be improved was the conversation with the two presenters at the end to lead into the final piece (in this case it was about Halloween costumes). I felt slightly uncomfortable with it as it felt forced and too scripted. I’m not sure if just getting rid of it altogether would solve the problem, but perhaps try to think of better ways to lead into the final piece so that it flows better and seems more relaxed and less cheesy.


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