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Monday, 20 June 2011

Icann transforms Web Domains - Could we soon see .google or .bbc?

Web addresses will change forever, after a vote by Icann (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which will allow any word to be used as a domain.

The current amount of global domain endings is 22, these include the common .org and .com. However, from next year, it will be possible to register new domain suffixes.

The decision was agreed at a special session held on 20th June 2011 in Singapore. The vote recieved a huge majority with 13 members aproving, and only 1 opposed and 2 abstaining.

'Today's decision will usher in a new Internet age" said Peter Dengate, Chairman of ICANN's Board of Directors.

Icann states on thier website that these new gTLDs (generic top-level domains) will be available to apply for from 12th January 2012. At this early stage it will cost around £114,000 to apply, and a company would need to show a legitimate claim to the name.

Many recognise this as the biggest move by Icann since the most commonly used suffix '.com' was introduced over 26 years ago.

Find out more at Icann's official website here.


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