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Sunday, 2 December 2012

WINOL 28/11/2012

An ok week, although it seemed to be one of our weaker weeks in terms of story quality. It seems that people that don't have a story by the end of Monday, give up for the week, which isn't the way to go about it.

We had a number of items in the yellow, but hardly any of them came from the news team. Apart 2 oovs from when I sent out to of the reporters to get some GVs for them after they decided on them as oov options on the Wednesday. The other stuff in the yellow was 2 sports packages, and a feature back anno(which we used).

Focus, exposure, white balancing, and microphones all seem to still be a bit chaotic, which shouldn't be happening this late in the semester. You know what you need for a story now. So you need to put a bit more focus on the quality of what you film. If it doesn't look good, then you're going to struggle to get it into the bulletin this week.

People are still not using focus properly. Lighting is terrible at times, and their have been many interviewees either over-exposed or under-exposed.

We've been having less camera zooms, and while a few people are fans of them, I don't think they look good, and I think a lot of people agree. I think it has helped improve the general quality of shots.


A very solid package updating the Club Kiss story. Arguably this story could pass as just an oov act, but I think you did well to make it a solid package with interviews from both sides, and a couple of vox pops. One of my main disappointments was not having the councillor interviewed outside of Club Kiss. Also you could have pushed more to get a stronger quote from the owner.

Barton Farm OOV
This was a good OOV that was something I felt we should include once I was told that it had broke on Wednesday. Much like the Club Kiss story last week, it's always good to show ourselves reacting to breaking news. Especially for stories that we have covered in the past.

Certainly not your best week, it was visually very poor, and I could have dropped it for that alone, but I wanted a bit more political content in the bulletin. You really need to improve your shot and be more creative, especially with a beat such as politics. I think I now see the Southampton City council building when I close my eyes, because I've seen it so much.

You say olympic legacy just before Jonny Brason does, which seemed very odd to me, and I'm not sure why you decided to do that, sounds like an echo.

You had some great shots for you story, it was a difficult Wednesday though. You worked hard to try and make your story work, like you do every week, but after digging a bit deeper, it turned out that your story didn't have much substance and was a bit of a non-story, which was unfortunate, but that was just a bit unlucky.

Joiners OOV
Once again it's great we had a breaking update to a story we covered last week.

Far from your best package, literally you in vision throughout with a cut away of the court. I should have left it out of the bulletin, not really your fault you just had no pictures, which left your story stuck.

Coming Up
Once again a good 'coming up', no real complaints. It was interesting and had a good PTC one too.

I liked this package, it was great that we had a case study for this story. Something that our audience would be interested in. The statement was pretty long, and we toyed around with how to display it a couple of times, but perhaps we should have just tried to trim it a bit.
The lighting was a bit dark, but at least we were able to see the face of the interviewee. I felt like you could have got him to do a few more things, making tea, maybe a shot of you talking to him. I just felt like you could have made more out of getting a case study, it's not often that we have them.

A nice package, very similar to the Christmas lights story you did last week. It was a shame your dead camera meant you missed the opening, but I think you made the most of what you had. Considering it was night, you used the lighting to great affect, and the ice skating gave you more interest. It was people doing things.

'I was Hitler's Neighbour' back anno
This was great. It showed how diverse WINOL now is, and drives more and mroe traffic to the site.


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