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Sunday, 2 December 2012

WINOL 21/11/2012


It was great that we had the interview with Simon Hayes, you said we'd get an interview with the winner of the HPCC position the week after the result, and you delivered.
The package was structured quite well, you used the debate footage well, but could have used more shots to tell your story. It's a story revolving around police, but we saw no police at all. And we could perhaps have seen Hayes being more active. It would also have been good to get some shots of a polling station, and I think we could have gotten access to the moment the final result was revealed. It would have been a great opening shot.

It was a good package, a decent update. It was great that you showed where the designing of the wind turbines takes place, and speaking to someone involved in the process was great. The use of the EDF graphics helped make it more of a relevant update, because people would be interested in knowing how they're expected to look. A nice package.

One of your best packages. You made it more than a court story, it had multiple elements. Mug shot, reconstruction, and interview connected to part of the crime and a PTC at the scene of the crime. It was really well constructed and you told the story well. I was really pelased with it this week.

Coming Up
Our coming up is getting better and better, it's great when people can film a 'coming up' while on the road for their story. It really grabs the viewers.

It's a shame your sound wasn't too good this week, because it would have been a decent package to use. In the end, it made an ok oov. Was a good effort, but just need to work on your sound.

The joiners oov is something that interests our audience, we spoke to many people that knew of it, so it was great that we could feature it in the bulletin. It's just a shame that you had some bad luck when trying to make a package out of it.

The Jamie Dack oov was good, arguably a bit long, but with this kind of complex story, it's important we cover all of the key information, and get the story across too.
It was great that we could update the Club Kiss story as it's something that was breaking that day, and it's always great to show ourselves  staying current and reacting to the very latest news.

It was a nice 'and finally', as it's something that a lot of people in Winchester know about and went to. You were told to slow down your voiceover, and cut it down a bit to let it breath, and you did a great job with it. You got some ok vox pops, and a good grab from the BID Project Manager. It was colourful and did what was expected from it.

Tom and Harry
I was pretty disappointed and annoyed that we weren't able to get anything of the Student Protests into our bulletin, especially after trying to big it up a bit leading into it. I'm glad I made the call early on to not wait to put something in the headlines. I was on edge all day, and was constantly pushing to get it uploaded as soon as possible. Even just 30 seconds of footage would have been enough, or some pictures. Instead we had nothing when we went live, and had to ditch it.
More preparation was needed which is not just your fault, but mine as well. However, you should have at least got some pictures to us, because that's something I requested on Tuesday, and was assured I'd get it. It wasn't a good week for you guys, you failed to deliver what would have been our big story that week, its something that the campus is very interested in, and we were at the heart of it in London, but had no way to show that off. Things like tweets and the written stories didn't go quite to plan, I think you needed to think things through a bit more or tell me if the things we discussed on Tuesday weren't going to work out as we thought they would.


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