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Sunday, 18 November 2012

WINOL 07/11/2012

A good week considering we were quite short on reporters. We still managed to almost go over 15 minutes which must mean we were still able to produce more than enough content even without all of our news team.

Individual Feedback

US Election In-Studio
Ali did really well here I thought. He made clear exactly what it was about. It was a shame the package wasn't shown beforehand, but was just a lack of communication. Myself and the other editors(particularl Graham the production editor, have agreed to meet for 5 minutes at 1pm every Wednesday to improve communication so close to the bulletin going live.

HPCC Debate
Arguably, I could have given you more time for this to fit in quotes for all the candidates, although i was told this wasn't an issue, and decided that to fit in more content in our show, we'd stick to the slightly shorter time, with less grabs.
Overall the package was good, and made the most of the debate footage that we had, with some good cutaways of the audience.

Ford Update
This wasn't quite as strong as last week in my opinion, but it's great to keep tracking the story, Also this package contained some very good quotes from the UKIP member, and it was good to get him outside the ford factory for the interview. So simple, and yet so effective. Was a nice update, and will be good to see how you continue to develop the story as you become more and more of an expert.

Ash Trees
This was a big story in the week, and is something that people may care about. It was important that you got shots of ash trees, and that's what you did. Your voice over audio was pretty poor again, an it's something you need to improve. The interview was good, got some good quotes. We had to trim some of your PTC because you made a fact that ideally should have been fudged, because it quickly became out of date. But luckily, it wasn't too difficult to take out.

Alton Town
A good package, although you were clearly lacking for shots, a sequence with your interviewee would definitely have helped to get something different visually instead of just the pitch. The statement was also a bt too long. The sign off PTC was very good. A solid package.

Coming Up
The coming up is working very well. But I feel like it needs more of a sting, so that can be something to work on.  I also felt like the graduation piece needed some good NATSOT, it felt too quiet. The football clip had some great natsot that peaked at the end.

The oovs were fine. It was good that we followed up on the fluoride story, because it's come up a few times on WINOL, and the shots did the job. It was also nice to include the bonfire night event. It's very big in Winchester, with thousands going to it every year. It's relevant to our audience, and also looks good. Was also great to have natsot of the flame being lit.

The graduation package had the hat throwing, which was essential. We needed some more vox pops, you had another but said the visual quality was incredibly poor, and it would have been odd to use just the audio. You also need to improve your voiceover audio quality, it was very bad this week. Wasn't the best package ever, but it did the job, n had the important shots.

I really liked this package, it was a nice fluff piece to end with. Considering the lack of shots you had to choose from, I thought you did well visually. The interview was good, and it told a nice story. The PTC was also very good with the moustache.


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