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Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Student Union President Package


Harry 'Kodak' Stow has been elected SU President for 2012/13, writes Daniel Mackrell

With competition from the other candidates Samuel Quested and Andrew Teale, Winchester's campus has been surrounded in flyers and campaigning throughout this week.

Harry was the Community Actions Officer for the university last year, setting up events for Children in Need, the Mental Health forum and Sport Relief.
Some of Harry's manifestos during the elections include the focus on student safety and introducing more diverse activities for students.

Former SU president Seb Meill has stepped down this year, which allowed three new faces to step up at this year's elections.

Voting closed at 3pm on Thursday 29th and the result was announced at around 10pm along with the other SU positions. For more results see the Winchester Student Union Facebook page.


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