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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Winol Semester 2 Week 10

Week Starting 02/04/2012


I had a few different story ideas this week.

One was to try and do the '3d Lung x ray' story that I had as a back up last week, and was unable to do because of the Student Union elections story.
I rang up the press office a few times to hope to arrange an interview and the chance to film the technology, but the press officer needed to get confirmation that I would be able to film. This took a lot longer than I had hoped, and prevented me from doing the story.

Another idea involved the Queens Diamond Jubilee, and involved four parks in Winchester becoming commemorative fields. I had read that their was some controversy from unsure councillors, and it was felt this would be good to follow up.

My other idea was to follow the result of the SU president election that I had covered last week, as we now had a winner. I proposed it as an oov, as I could comfoprtably get an interview with the new SU president
Today after speaking with Brian, I decided to turn my interview with Harry Stow into a full package, instead of just an oov.

The aim was to show Harry and Seb (the current president) together, shaking hands and discussing the plans for the future of the student union.

I managed to arrange to meet both Seb Miell and Harry Stow together, which meant I was able to follow them around with a camera.

I followed them with a camera s they walked over to the office, and then filmed them in different places around the office, and chatting together, this gave a lot of footage to choose from when I was editing.
This morning I finished editing my news package, which just meant tweaking some of the voice over, and adding the straplines.

I had already put together my written piece during the weekend, when harry had first won the election, and their wasn't much I could add as an update.

This Week's Bulletin


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