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Monday, 21 February 2011

Panama and Egyptian Journalists

Being a Journalist can be a very hard life, but it seems here in the Uk the laws are generally quite favourable to us and despite a slightly tainted image in the eyes of the public, we don't have the worst reputation in the country(i'm looking at you politicians). I hope to make this a regular blog post where i keep you up to date in the world of Journalism.

The Republic of Panama is the southernmost country of Central America.
It is believed that around half of all Journalists in Panama have been involved in a defamation charge. If found guilty, they face a 1 year prison sentence, or a large fine.
The weaker laws in Panama(compared with the UK) means that weath and power have a larger voice.

has spoken against the political power which has affectedte rghts of journalists. An example given is of two tv reporters recieving a prison sentence despite thier reports on government documents(regarding corruption inthe immagration offices) being truthful and 'accurate'.

Very detailed, extensive coverage of the story can be found here if your interested in learning more about Panama, including a call for an asylum.

Egypt's Journalists hope for less censorship
Throughout Mubaraks reign in egypt, the journalists had restrictions and censorship which they fee they may finally be free of.

Jean-Francois Julliard, Reporters Without Borders secretary-general, hopes for "the creation of a real democracy in which journalists...are no longer afraid to express their views, in which diversity of ideas and opinions no longer entails any risk of imprisonment, and in which the right to receive and impart news and information is truly respected.”

Mahamed Abdel Dayem, CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa coordinator, explained that after Mubarak's announcement 'a military officer went up to the reporter and handed him a professional camera with a massive lens'.

Mubarak's resingation lead to journalists(such as blogger Abdul Kareen) being released. He was originally expected to serve 4 years in prison for what he was writing, but his freedom shows signs of hope for journalists in Egypt.


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