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Monday, 22 October 2012

WINOL 17/10/2012


Things looked a bit shaky at the beginning of the week, we had no real top story, however we settled on one before Tuesday was over, and it provided the leading piece that we needed. Overall, the bulletin had a good balance, and many of fulfilled what needed to be done to make your piece work.

Things to work on

Links continue to be a struggle. They need to be longer, and give the viewer a basic idea of what your story is going to be. More time needs to be spent on writing them.

Quotes need to improve. Remember - 'Facts in your voice. Comment in their voice'. It's good to get people emoting, instead of saying facts and providing expo all the time - that's your job.

Audio - Make sure all the audio in your package is hitting the same levels, because it helps the gallery to get a better balance when it comes to the bulletin.

For PTC's use a radio mic, because it provides much better audio. Although, you can use the gun mic if you want to pic up some of the atmosphere, depending on when you're filming it.

Also, PTC's are not a necessity for a package, I've seen a lot of PTC's in the first couple of weeks. The main reason seems to be a lack of pictures. They should only be used if they add something to the package.

Can you all record your voice-overs using the lip mic. We have them all day tuesday and wednesday, so there is no reason not too. Also, if the sound isn't perfect then just re-record it, there is no reason not to.

Individual Feedback

You did really great this week. We desperately needed a top story, and you were more than happy to take on the job once a story came up. It was a solid package for what was a difficult story to turn into a video piece. A good week.

Your consistency is great. It's been good to know that I can rely on you each week to deliver me something that I can happily feature in the bulletin. Your package this week was something different, that was good for promoting your upcoming HPCC debate. Wasn't too complex, but was put together well, sandwiched by two PTC's that looked good.

I know your not strictly part of the news team, but you produced a very solid news piece that I was glad to have in the bulletin. It was well constructed and creative. You did really well to get pictures of Fabrice Muamba it was very relevant to your story, and complimented it well.
At time's, it lacked shots, particularly when I wanted a headline clip. The choices were a bit restricted, but the package itself had very few flaws.

Your package had a lot of potential, and I can't help but feel it fell a little bit short. You did well to get the two interviews sorted quickly, you already had one done before the end of the news meeting. It was a story that would be of interest to students, and you quickly realised that your angle had to change after your first interview, and quickly worked towards reshaping your story, which was great.
Just a few points technically with your package.
Your piece to camera was fairly solid, although for a short piece you shouldn't have to look down at your notes. You should be able to remember the few sentences, even if it took a little while to film, you had plenty of time to get it right.Also don't get careless when editing, your 'walky talky' with the SU president should have been cut a bit at the start of the clip, as it started with you both static, instead of starting with you both walking. Just looks odd and clearly staged.
Also at the start of your package there is a massive audio change from when you had to correct 'University of Winchester'. Just something to think about.

A very good week for you. Last week you made a very solid package, but it was an dull story with dull pictures, and that made it difficult for your to get into the bulletin. However, this week you had a better story, and tried to get the best shots for the story that you could. You came in on Tuesday with one vox-pop, but you knew it probably wasn't enough, and when I asked you to get a couple more, that's exactly what you need the next morning, and it strengthened your package, gave it more balance, and made it usable for the bulletin.

Another good 'and finally'. With these types of stories in particular, you need to be careful not to have too much expo in your package. It's important to tell the story. It's an interesting piece, so make sure the audience find it interesting too.

Not getting footage of the Cathedral's light show was what let down your package this week. With the beat of 'entertainment', it's important we see it happening. Forward planning is key for this. However, you still managed to get an interview and put together a package, which is great. Both weeks I've known that I have your package ready to slot in if needed.

We had big dreams for this package, but in the end, it just wasn't a strong as we had hoped. Your very good at PTC's, but remember that should only really be used if they add something to the story. The angle and story itself should be the focus. You did well make sure sure you had a package done, and it could have been used if needed.
Your voice-over had background noise(I'm guessing from the newsroom) which was very distracting. The lip-mic is very good at getting a good sounding voice over, but if things like that happen, definitely do it again, and just ask people to be a bit quieter if needed.
The interviewee said some ok stuff, but is just a homeowner, whom (while relevant to the story your trying to tell) doesn't have any real authority and is essentially just a random person. We needed someone that represents the area, a councillor or residence representative of some sort. If your unsure who to go with, feel free to ask me or one of the other third years for some ideas.
Also don't be too reliant on statements, they don't make particularly great tv, and are usually just there as a last resort.

Was a disappointing week, and nobody knows it more than you. Things didn't go your way, but as Chief Reporter it's important that I feel I can rely on you to deliver each week. hopefully you'll have nore luck for the next bulletin.

Hopefully you'll be in more this week. For the last two week's you've not been in on Tuesdays when I have more time to speak to you, you've been around on Wednesday's when I'm much more busy. However, it's great to see you've made progress in you're role.

You did really well to get a court story done and it was ready for the bulletin if needed. You worked really hard on the script, and it worked once it came to your PTC, which looked good. You also had some GV's to cover up any edits, and to simply break up the PTC a bit. Good job this week.

Good job this week. You got more pictures, and the interviews were well framed. Your story lacked enough strength to get into the bulletin. You had too interviews, but they weren't the most interesting sound bites eve. However, it was something I could have used it in the bulletin which is always a plus.

I really liked your package this week, it had some great shots, and was one of the packages that I had in line to slot into the bulletin if any of the packages I had needed to be pulled out for any reason. You did discover that the warnings of certain  interviewee's was right. Scientists spend their whole time looking into these sorts of things, and will likely speak to you in a very scientific way. If you don't understand certain things, don't feel stupid if you ask them to explain it, or you can 'echo' them. It can also be helpful to ask them 'how it felt...' to be involved in whatever your stories involve. Remember that they should be emoting. Fact's in your voice, comment in their voice.

You had an idea this week, but it didn't happen in the end. You need to look more for possible packages. You did help out Sam with written articles which was good.

Your package idea didn't pan out once you realised that the story wasn't quite what you thought, and that it was more of a written piece. However you got the written story done with a picture too, and will hopefully do better with video content next week.


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