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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

UK Riots - The Latest

Stores Across London Shutting Down Early Amid Fears of More Riots
Last night not only London, but other areas such as Birmingham and even Liverpool became victim to riots and looting throughout the night. More than 525 people have been arrested relating to these evens over the last 3 days, including more than 200 last night.

This picture was posted on my live feed last night, but was removed after doubts arose as to its validity, but this does seem to be an image taken from last nights chaos in Surrey Street, Croydon.

David Cameron has visited the London Road area that was targeted in Croydon last night, following the cobra meeting that he chaired at 9am this morning.

More riots are expected this evening, with areas such as Wimbledon and Kingston being possible targets. The met police have said that they will consider use of plastic bullets, but are reluctant, and will not yet make a definitive decision. Although, it does seem that the option of using the army will not be taken.

One video has been ciruclating the web, and has recieved over a million views, showing a brave woman in Hackney, shouting and confronting the looters. It can be viewed here (Contains some strong language).

A number of people in the effected areas have been trying to restore some order by volunteering to sweep up and clean up the mess left behind after the riots. Something that London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has described as 'the real spirit of London'. A Twitter account - @cleanuplondon has been set up to unite people in cleaning up and providing the latest information of where people can go to help, and also to thank those that have helped. They are currently tidying the Clapham Junction area.
The riots have mainly been blamed on the 'youths', however the @cleanuplondon has been set up by some young members of london, and many young people are helping to tidy london.

Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson tweeted an image this afternoon ofwhat seems to be hundreds of londoners ready to clean up the damage that was done last night. -

A number of people have been showing pictures of thier areas and the damage that has occured.
Andre Barrett tweeted the following footage of damage in Colliers Wood, an area that hasn't recieved too much media coverage so far. -

Sources have confirmed that any met police holidays are currently on hold until atleast next weekend. Most police officers will be looking at 15 hour shifts today as they continue to fight off the rioters.
The Prime Minister has said that around 16,000 police will be deployed around London today.


Victims need to take care of the mess riots caused them. Going after the broken window principle:
up if this isn't cleaned up quickly, it will spark new problems. Professional cleaning services have come to the rescue and joined the campaing for cleaning up after the riots.

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