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Monday, 24 June 2013

Wimbledon and Wandsworth Guardian - Work Experience

The experience was a great learning experience in the world of journalism. My main experience of local reporting is through my reporting at university and a day I spent documenting the Basingstoke Gazette.

So this was my first time getting hands on with a real local newspaper.
Firstly I was surprised at the size of the team. Although the office was quite big, both the Wimbledon and Wandsworth Guardians had two reporters each alongside an assistant editor and editor for them both.

For my first two days the reporters were working towards their printed paper which is produced on Wednesday. I was given a couple of press releases to turn on my first day to turn into news stories.

On my second day I was given a few nibs to write, and also a story to follow up. It involved writing a 300/400 word piece, including calling the people involved, for more information, and also organizing a photo shoot with them. The story was then
It was interesting seeing the process of producing a local paper, particularly with stories constantly changing and new stories turning up.

On Wednesday morning I went to court in Kingston with one of the Wimbledon guardian reporters. Court can be quite hit and miss, and unfortunately we didn’t get any sentences. I then did some work on a leisure piece about activities for young children during the start of July.

On Thursday I worked for the sport team. This included conducting a phone interview with a non-league football player that had signed for his local club. 

I worked on some more news and sport stories, including one about Laura Robson promoting sports and activities with local school children.




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