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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Winol 6.0

Week starting 31/10/2011

Debrief Notes
- Fair Dealing - Few seconds - linked with review/comments.
Fully credit the clip.
This means you can't be accused of passing it off as yours.

- Time is quality (not quantity)

- Don't be afraid of cliches

- Always try to get a good quote/soundbite
It helps to warm them up before the interviewee.

- Pictures and quotes are very important for a good package.

- You're best visual should be at the very start of your package, as well as in your headline.

Tuesday. Today was another busy Tuesday. We recorded for both 'Sports Week' and 'Winol Life'.
I came in at 9am and helped to open up the studio. We then had to start preparing for Winol Life while waiting to start Sports Week. This included setting up an ob kit outside of the studio to plug into an extra camera so we would be able to have 4 cameras in the studio. This enabled us to film a yoga segment where Becki shows George some of the yoga moves that she picked up(to follow on from hers and Zoe's yoga package). I felt this added more depth to the overall show, it's always good to experiment with new ideas and possibilities.
At around 11am we were able to film the sports week links, and I had my first attempt at directing. It wasn't the most difficult of directing though (because they are just links) so it simply required me to cue in the presenter (which was Gareth) and just keeping communication with him to make sure he was happy with everything. It was a good practice ready for when i would be directing Winol which is more complicated when sound, VTs etc come into use, and also the fact that it's live and cannot be re-filmed will add more pressure.
We then moved our attention to Winol Life. This week's guests on Winol Life was Elizabeth Barnett.
In my opinion, it could be considered the most complex to film, as you have multiple people on camera, and multiple camera angles to use. This means more cameras are used, more microphones are needed, and you have a lot more people to speak over and instruct. However, their were huge improvement over the quality of the first Winol Life from two weeks ago, we were a lot more prepared and their seemed to be a calmer atmosphere.
I was controlling the VT machine for Winol Life, which meant playing the VTs at the right time for the broadcast. It's not the most difficult job, but you need to keep your concentration as you don't necessarily have a strict time on when to play it, as the interviews are mainly spontaneous responses.

Wednesday. This day is always a busy day, particularly for production. I came in today to be told that George had decided last minute to help Ali with his filming for his Bournmouth package. This meant that we were short by one production person, and with a small production crew as it is, we were a bit short of helping hands at the start of the day. George's job would have been to collect the packages and to control the vision mixer for the day.
Me and Graham decided that it made sense to try and get the straps done as quickly as possible, this was helped with Gareth having the straps he needed already prepared at around 9am, so we could then go away and have them done pretty quickly. In fact, we were able to quickly get everyones straps this week, they all seem more informed on who they had interviewed, and thier positions. While Graham did some of the straps, i went to help Jack prepare the gallery for the day, before heading into the news room to try and get the rest of the strap information ready before making some more a bit later in the day.
Without George, Graham did really well to then assume the role of collecting the headline clips and the packages, which really helped to keep us fairly on time.

Of course my big role this week was working as the director for Winol. The job carries a fair bit of pressure, and required a lot of organisation and concentration.
A lot of communication was needed amongst a number of different people ranging from the editor Will, to the people on the cameras, the production editor Jack, the production people controlling equipment in the gallery and also the presenters. So it can be difficult to direct my attention to multiple people at the same time, and when possible I tried to concentrate on one set of people at once.
I also had to keep remembering to keep the presentes and other people in the studio informed on what we're doing in the gallery, as thier are constant changes and check-throughs for the packages, and its easy to forget that your the one main communication to inform those down in the studio of what is happening.
I was really pleased with the support I got from everyone, as well as the praise afterwards, but I know that thier are areas that I can improve on, such as the timing for cueing the presenters and people in the gallery, and i feel like my voice needed to be maybe a bit more commanding. But overall I was pleased with my performance, and look forward to doing it again.

Debrief Notes
Good preparation

Should caption only when they literally start talking.
The link shouldn't be too similar to the opening of a package.

This Week's Winol (02/11/2011)


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