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Saturday, 30 January 2010

3. Why have pointless celebs?

“A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized”

I think that with the end of Celebrity Big Brother, it is only fitting that I address the world of celebrities, and explain exactly what is wrong with it.
We all love gossip, and hearing rumors about famous people, there’s nothing wrong with that. But why do we care about the lives of people that are just like anybody else? Who cares about Katie Price? What makes her life so exciting, because I just don’t get it. They make so much money from pointless interviews and guest appearances, and half the time nobody wants to see them!

However, despite all that, they remain celebrities, and make so much money from doing practically nothing except selling their soul to journalists, and even more depressingly- appearing on game shows.

I am a big fan of game shows. However, I HATE celebrity game shows. I find it much more exciting to see a ‘regular person’ fighting for everything, using the very limits of their (usually) small brain. Instead we have the air heads we call celebs having a bit of a laugh (among themselves) with not much of a care when it comes to winning or not.
What I really don’t understand is the charity part of the shows. They’re basically saying that if a celebrity can’t get through some hole in a wall, or get a multiple-choice question right, then their charity doesn’t get money. WTF?! That’s insane, has any produce actually ever stopped for a second and think about what they’re basically showing to the public? They’re deciding how much they donate to charity through the abilities of an idiotic celebrity. WHY? They should just give the money to the charity; they’re not going to do much else with it. Otherwise you’re just teasing the charities.

Next time you watch a celeb on a game show playing for their charity and fail, just take a few seconds to absorb it, and you’ll see just how ridiculous it is. Half the time they applaud afterwards! And then say the classic “well I had fun”. Give me a break! I’ve had enough of talentless celebrities having an easy ride through life, making so much money from random stupid TV appearances.

I respect those that truly deserve fame and fortune, and I congratulate them. Those are the ones that don’t resort to appearing on I’m a celebrity or Hole in the Wall. But for those that just try to tag along and to claw their way into the starlight, move out of my way, because I want to watch the real stars, not your plastic face!

“A celebrity is known by many people they are glad they don't know.”


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